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Coingate Blog Review
Coingate Blog
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Coingate is “Your Gateway to Bitcoin Payments”. Yes, since that isn’t very explanatory I will elaborate what they do!

Coingate is essentially a software design company that focuses on providing eCommerce plugins for accepting crypto in online storefronts.

In their blog you will find a very simple, and I mean simple as it gets display of news and content. Of course, most of the content is solely based on Coingate and what they’ve been up to. With that said, if you don’t like Coingate and/or you don’t have a need for eCommerce crypto plugins, you can probably stop reading now and forget about this blog forever.

But if you do, this is probably a fantastic spot to learn about what Coingate does, follow their recent updates, and learn more about crypto in the world of eCommerce.

Content seems to be released almost biweekly and is extremely well written by people who clearly have experience in tech related fields. You can expect to find content relating to eCommerce, wallets, blockchain events, Coingate features, tutorials, and behind the scenes content at Coingate.

Like most blog pages, this page is really easy to use and this one provides content that I think both beginners and experienced Bitcoiners can relate to.

Pros & Cons
  • The site is very clean and well designed.
  • There is biweekly content that is informative and high quality.
  • If you have no interest in eCommerce then you may not find much value in reading this blog.