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ViaWallet Blockchain Explorer

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ViaWallet Review: An In-Depth Look at One of the Best Blockchain Explorers for Crypto Assets

As an active participant in the ever-evolving crypto space, I've always been on the hunt for a reliable platform to manage my digital assets effectively. ViaWallet came into my radar recently, and having done an extensive dive into its features, functionalities, and advantages, I am now ready to share my findings. Buckle up for a detailed review of ViaWallet - the highly acclaimed blockchain explorer that is capturing the hearts of crypto enthusiasts across the globe.

About ViaWallet

ViaWallet is a decentralized wallet designed for seamless management of blockchain assets. It takes a strong stand against the conventional practice of entrusting your valuable cryptos to centralized exchanges. One important observation is that ViaWallet has no access to your cryptos, granting you complete control over your assets. With its user-friendly interface available on iOS and Android, ViaWallet has succeeded in making the crypto world accessible to both tech gurus and beginners alike.

The Attractive User Interface of ViaWallet

Having installed the app, the first thing to gain my appreciation was the detailed tutorial provided. The step-by-step instructions made it incredibly easy to set up a crypto wallet. Going through the user interface (UI), I found it to be neat, functional, and free of unnecessary bells and whistles. It is clear that ViaWallet puts a strong emphasis on delivering an efficient user experience without any room for confusion or clutter.

Wide Variety of Blockchain Support

A key selling point for ViaWallet is its aim to be a universal wallet offering a one-stop solution for managing all your crypto assets. True to this mission, the wallet currently supports 49 coins and over a million tokens, including popular ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The continual effort to expand asset coverage makes ViaWallet emerge as one of the most versatile wallets in the crypto industry.

A Slew of Additional Features for Enhanced Asset Management


ViaWallet acknowledges that staking is a popular form of asset management in the crypto world allowing users to lock their cryptos and earn stable rewards. They now support staking for ATOM, KAVA, IRIS, and TRX.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have gained immense popularity recently, with high-profile celebrities and projects throwing their weight behind this unique type of crypto. ViaWallet is up to date with this trend, covering NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and CSC, making it a paradise for NFT collectors.


Thanks to its collaboration with third-party service providers, ViaWallet offers crypto swaps. This feature lets users switch between various tokens across different public chains. With ViaWallet’s interface, even newbies can smoothly swap coins without any hiccups.

DApp Support

Decentralized applications (DApps), being built on various blockchain networks, require wallet login for access. ViaWallet understands this prerequisite and supports DApps on 11 public chains, including, but not limited to, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BSC, thereby making it an excellent choice for both blockchain novices and veterans.

Impressive Support Tools on ViaWallet

ViaWallet stands out by catering to a broad audience. With advanced features like Blockchain Explorer, Transaction Broadcast, Message Signature, and Address Converter, it allows users to conduct security assessments, perform data queries, and have deep interactions with their mobile devices. Moreover, their comprehensive Help Center goes a long way in aiding users to explore the vast expanse of the blockchain space.

ViaWallet's Security and Fee Structure

One significant attribute of ViaWallet is its strong security. Affiliated with ViaBTC Group, a veteran company in the crypto domain, ViaWallet assures that the security of your assets is not compromised as long as you keep your mnemonic phrases and private keys safe. Contrary to many wallets that levy substantial transaction fees, ViaWallet is a pleasant exception. The app charges no fees, except for network fees and third-party service fees related to on-chain operations such as transactions and swaps.

Downloading ViaWallet

Accessing ViaWallet is as simple as accessing your favorite app. You can download ViaWallet from App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website,, for the download link. In conclusion, my time exploring ViaWallet was impressive. This platform exudes an aura of reliability, safety, and functionality that every crypto guy like me would appreciate. After this ViaWallet review, I believe I have found a blockchain explorer that satisfies my thirst for a clutter-free, efficient, and secure crypto asset management platform.

ViaWallet FAQ

In the world of digital assets management, ViaWallet stands strong as a renowned decentralized wallet. As an app, ViaWallet provides the ability for you to manage your blockchain assets without any third-party intrusion or dependency. In my comprehensive ViaWallet review, I will deep dive into its capabilities, support, usability, unique features, and overall performance.

Understanding ViaWallet

A crypto wallet offered as an app, ViaWallet cannot access your cryptos, ensuring you have complete control over your assets. The easy and straightforward download procedure on iOS and Android ensures that anybody with a smartphone can have the app at their fingertips.

The First Time Experience

Upon initiating the app, you will be met with an in-depth tutorial catering to blockchain beginners. The minimalistic and clean presentation of the user interface seriously reduces the clutter and provides seamless operations.

Asset Coverage For Everyone

ViaWallet aims to be the go-to wallet for all, regardless of the crypto model they possess. With nearly 50 different types of coins and an impressive tally of over 1 million tokens supported, ViaWallet proves its resourcefulness in the sector.

The Perks of ViaWallet

ViaWallet offers versatile features far beyond just a safehouse for your assets. It provides a way to manage your cryptos and earn through features like staking, swapping, DApp and NFT support.

Staking Support on ViaWallet

Staking your cryptos allows you to earn stable rewards. ViaWallet has currently integrated staking support for coins such as ATOM, KAVA, IRIS, and TRX.

NFTs in ViaWallet

With the growing fascination about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), ViaWallet ensures that you can manage your NFTs within its service. It caters to the needs of every NFT collector by providing services across multiple chains.

Swap Coins in ViaWallet

ViaWallet associates with third-party service providers to facilitate crypto swaps. This easy operation means even novice users can swap coins conveniently.

Utilizing DApps with ViaWallet

Decentralized Applications (DApps) benefit largely from mobile crypto wallets like ViaWallet. Currently, ViaWallet supports DApps across 11 public chains, offering broad access for its users.

Advanced Tools Offered by ViaWallet

ViaWallet provides a host of support tools categorized under the ‘advanced’ section of the application. These tools enable deep queries, security evaluations, and interactions. This broad spectrum of tools includes features such as Blockchain Explorer, BTC Transaction Acceleration, Transaction Broadcast, and more.

ViaWallet’s Fee Structure

ViaWallet does not include any hidden costs or charges for its service. However, certain operations like transactions and swaps may incur network fees or third-party service costs.

Safety Measures in ViaWallet

Associated with ViaBTC Group, ViaWallet runs on a robust financial background and excellent R&D capabilities. With no private keys stored on servers, security is tightened – provided mnemonic phrases and private keys are well maintained.

Getting ViaWallet

To download ViaWallet, users can visit App Store or Google Play, or follow the download links on the official website at


ViaWallet brings forth a comprehensive and user-friendly crypto wallet. It integrates advanced features, a clean user interface, and intricate crypto support to enhance your mobile experience.

Pros and Cons of Using ViaWallet Blockchain Explorer

As an enthusiast in the evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, having an all-rounder platform like ViaWallet is a game changer. However, like every other platform out there, it's crucial to evaluate the pros and cons before venturing blindly. Let's delve into the nitty-gritty details of this dynamic blockchain explorer.

Pros of ViaWallet Blockchain Explorer


Being a user-centric platform, ViaWallet has been carefully designed with a clean user interface to reduce clutter and confusion. The onboarding process is simplified with step-by-step instructions to get you started in no time, especially if you're a blockchain amateur.

Universal Coverage

Aiming to be a universal wallet, ViaWallet supports 49 coins and over 1 million tokens, including popular choices like BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, and BCH. This versatility makes it stand out among other wallets in the cryptocurrency industry.

Unique Features

With ViaWallet, you can enjoy additional features such as staking, NFT coverage, crypto swapping, and comprehensive DApp support. More than these, the platform also provides advanced tools like the Blockchain Explorer, Transaction Broadcast, Message Signature, Authorization Detector, and others to help users interact, evaluate security, and perform data queries conveniently.

No Charges

No fee is levied by ViaWallet itself, although network and third-party service fees might apply for transactions, swaps, and acceleration.

Cons of ViaWallet Blockchain Explorer

Security Responsibility

Although ViaWallet benefits from robust financial backing and security infrastructure of ViaBTC Group, it leaves users to full control, and thereby, full responsibility of their mnemonic phrases and private keys. This could be seen as a disadvantage for users who may not have a solid understanding of how to securely manage their private keys or mnemonic phrases.

Third-party Dependencies

For features like coin swaps, ViaWallet is dependent on third-party service providers making the platform susceptible to third-party risks. Also, any additional charges levied by these service providers will have to be borne by the users.

No Direct Access to Cryptos

As a decentralized wallet, ViaWallet cannot access your assets. This means, in case of any mishap like misplacing private keys, you can potentially lose access to your cryptocurrencies.

Dependency on Mobile Devices

As of now, ViaWallet primarily operates on mobile devices. Users who prefer managing their wallets from a desktop environment might find this as a downside.

Final Verdict: ViaWallet Review

In conclusion, while ViaWallet has a robust range of features and broad asset management capabilities, it is crucial for users to understand its limitations to make an informed decision. It's user-friendly interface, comprehensive support tools and broad crypto choice are incomparable, but possible security risks, depending on one's cryptocurrency management skills, and the dependency on mobile devices require careful consideration.

Join the crypto revolution with ViaWallet! Handle your blockchain assets securely in a decentralized manner, keep full control over your coins, and avoid relying on centralized exchanges. iOS or Android, you're covered! Explore 49 coins, 1M+ tokens, NFTs, and DApps across 11 public chains. Staking offers stable rewards while swap brings dynamism. ViaWallet: Your key to navigate the crypto landscape, packed with advanced tools and tutorials. Download yours now for zero fees!


Pros & Cons
  • User-friendly
  • Universal Coverage
  • Unique Features
  • No Charges
  • Security Responsibility
  • Third-party Dependencies
  • No Direct Access to Cryptos
  • Dependency on Mobile Devices