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Blockchair blockchain explorer

(2 reviews)
(2 reviews)
Site Rank: 7 Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Blockchain Explorer

I often find myself knee-deep in the digital currency space, juggling multiple cryptocurrencies. With the burgeoning growth of digital currencies, the need for reliable blockchain explorers has catapulted to the forefront. One such rising player in the blockchain explorer sector is Blockchair. As it garners more attention and popularity each day, I felt the need to do a detailed Blockchair review, to provide a comprehensive understanding of what it offers to the crypto community.

Getting to Know Blockchair

Describing itself as the "Google for blockchains", Blockchair has made notable strides with its mission to offer itself as a reliable data provider. It provides information in multifarious forms and promises a complete anonymity. Its continuous addition of new blockchains, features, and languages speaks of its commitment towards fostering a comprehensive crypto data solutions package. Blockchair currently covers an impressive list of chains, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Dash, Dogecoin, Groestlcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and Telegram Open Network. Moreover, it also has tens of thousands of ERC-20 tokens under its umbrella. Recently, they also added support for Cardano and Monero, with plans to support EOS and ZCash shortly. Blockchair is broadening its access, planning to make its website available on the TOR network.

Searching and Analyzing Data with Blockchair

Blockchair allows users to look up transactions across supported blockchains, enabling search and in-depth analysis of data. You can filter data based on various parameters, which is a striking plus point. Enabling a search for encoded words and phrases, it goes beyond the standard provisions found in most other explorers. As a testament to its precision and wide-ranging metrics, Blockchair's data enables deeper analysis. For instance, Blockchair's data permitted the detection of significantly lower levels of non-monetary outputs in the Dash network than shown by other similar platforms.

Blockchair's Stand on Privacy and Security

Towards privacy and security, Blockchair exhibits equal commitment. It is fully private, does not track users, and stores only aggregated data to refine and improve its website features. Specific user data is never shared with third parties such as Google Analytics or ad networks. Generally, a cryptocurrency address page is visited only by the address owner, while the transaction page is visited by the transacting parties. Blockchair values its users' privacy and shields any information that may lead the user to become a target of cybercriminals.

Key Features of Blockchair

Blockchair's professional APIs stand out for their stability and high uptime guaranteed by its N+1 infrastructure. It offers APIs for 13 blockchains and supports Segwit/bech32 addresses, xPubs, and batch queries for transactions and addresses. Putting a plethora of endpoints at developers' disposal, it also caters to scientists, researchers, consulting agencies, and universities. One notable offering from Blockchair is its daily and full node Data Dumps. The daily data dumps are available as TSV-files, ideal for scientists attempting an analysis on specific data. The full node dumps, available for BTC, BCH, and ETH, can drastically slash down the sync time for a new node from around a month to about a day.

Additional Features

Additionally, Blockchair recently introduced a "Release Monitor", a tool designed to keep track of all upcoming hard forks and core client updates. Another bonus is a Chrome extension that functions as an anonymous portfolio tracker and allows users to embed the Blockchair explorer in their search bar. From creating PDF-receipts, transaction broadcasting, halving countdown, generating charts with on-chain data, providing a nodes overview to offering direct SQL access, Blockchair ensures it stays ahead in the game with its varied tools.

Blockchair Support

On the support front, Blockchair maintains an open stance. Users can contact the team via multiple platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or Email. Chinese users have the added convenience of reaching out via Blockchair Weibo. Also, to facilitate customer support, Blockchair has aggregated the most common questions on their FAQ page.

Conclusion of Blockchair Review

In conclusion, Blockchair is indeed proving to be a fascinating tool for all crypto enthusiasts. It presents itself as a potent mechanism for blockchain search and analysis and could very well cement its reputation as a remarkable block explorer. Its commitment to privacy is admirable, and the wide range of services and features it provides makes it a great addition to any blockchain enthusiast's toolbox. Blockchair seems to have successfully crafted itself into an innovative service provider that crypto investors and traders, like myself, will find significantly useful. It's worth exploring and undoubtedly earns my hearty recommendation. FAQ

With constant innovation and development in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we need tools to simplify our analysis and understanding of these complex systems. One such tool that has made a significant impact in the sphere is Blockchair, which can be considered as the "Google for blockchains." This comprehensive review will help understand this tool better.

What is Blockchair?

Developed as a stable data provider, Blockchair is a robust search and blockchain analytics platform that covers a broad range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and many more. With impeccable privacy, this tool has been continuously adding new features, blockchains, and languages.

What are the services offered by this tool?

In addition to providing accurate and vast data for in-depth blockchain analysis, Blockchair supports a broad scope of transaction search and data filtering based on various criteria. This feature can be particularly useful for analytical and research purposes. Blockchair also offers third-party providers an API, and provides extensive data dumps that can significantly reduce syncing time for new nodes. Moreover, the Blockchair explorer is fully private, ensuring absolute data privacy for users.

What other features does this tool offer?

Blockchair's offerings go beyond simple blockchain servicing. Their 'Release Monitor' service is a valuable tool for developers in tracking all upcoming hard forks and core client updates. They also offer several other tools such as transaction broadcasting, charts with on-chain data, nodes overview, and direct SQL access. An interesting upcoming feature of Blockchair is their Chrome Extension, which is presently awaiting Google's approval. This extension will serve as an anonymous portfolio tracker and will allow users to embed the Blockchair explorer in their search bar - a beneficial addition for daily crypto users.

How is Blockchair's customer support?

Blockchair is open to assist you with any queries or questions you may have. You can contact their team via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or Email. Chinese users also have access to the Blockchair Weibo. Simultaneously, they also provide a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to the most common questions.

Blockchair can be recognized as a revolutionary service provider in the blockchain and cryptocurrency analysis segment. Their service suite is not just robust but also efficient. To conclude, Blockchair is a private search engine for blockchains that stands out with its capable ability to assist in blockchain transaction records, and text data mining, and is definitely a tool to consider using. An Essential Asset for Blockchain Enthusiasts

I was thrilled to discover Blockchair - a tool dubbed the "Google for blockchains". Blockchair provides a wealth of functionality to help users explore, analyze and decrypt blockchain data. The platform supports an impressive range of blockchains and constantly adds new ones. But, just like every other platform, it has its pros and cons, which I have painstakingly prepared so you can make an informed decision.

My Examination of Pros and Cons of


  1. Wide Range of Blockchains:Blockchair's coverage is extensive, including Bitcoin, ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Stellar, and numerous ERC-20 tokens. This allows users like me to explore and analyze multiple blockchains using a single platform.
  2. Data Accuracy and Depth:The accuracy of data and variety of metrics offered by Blockchair enable a deeper analysis.
  3. User Privacy:Blockchair fully respects user privacy and doesn't track users or share data with third parties, minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks.
  4. Multilingual Support:It currently supports 5 languages, making it convenient for global users.
  5. Professional APIs:Renowned for their stability and high uptime, the APIs are very practical for developers, scientists, and researchers.
  6. Additional Services:The platform also offers data dumps, a release monitor, PDF receipts, and SQL access, making it incredibly convenient for frequent users.


  1. Limited User Experience:Navigating the Blockchair website may be confusing for newcomers due to its sophisticated features.
  2. Lack of Real Time Support:While they do offer multiple channels of support such as Facebook, Twitter, and Email, there's no live chat or phone support.
  3. Delayed Blockchain Support:Although Blockchair consistently adds new blockchains, it may not quickly support newly emerging or less popular ones.
  4. No Mobile App:They currently don't provide a dedicated mobile app, which can hamper accessibility and convenience.

Blockchair: My Final Thoughts

As a blockchain explorer, Blockchair surely leaves a strong impression with its vast array of features and services. The efforts to maintain user privacy are commendable, and the diverse blockchains and data genuineness offer immense value for users like me. However, improvements in user experience and customer support could elevate the platform's user-friendly nature. Despite a few cons, I believe Blockchair is a necessary tool for anyone dealing with cryptos and definitely worth giving a try. "Your go-to blockchain explorer, Blockchair, serves as Google for leading cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. Offering highly accurate, stable data while prioritising privacy – it's the anonymous hub for transactions. With APis, daily data dumps, and a release monitor, Blockchair revolutionises crypto data analysis. Try it today!"


Pros & Cons
  • Wide Range of Blockchains
  • Data Accuracy and Depth
  • User Privacy
  • Multilingual Support
  • Professional APIs
  • Additional Services
  • Limited User Experience
  • Lack of Real Time Support
  • Delayed Blockchain Support
  • No Mobile App