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Blockexplorer Review
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Block explorer is another website that allows you to search through the blockchain for very specific information. There are already several of these tools available which means that have some tough competition. Let’s see if its worth it to use this one over any of the other blockexplorers.

No. It’s not.

The site is very basic and doesn’t seem to contain any ground breaking functions that would entice me to use this one over any of the other blockexplorers.

Users will first land on the home page where random clickbait articles are the main thing focused upon here. Only until you scroll down will you find actual blockexplorer tools at use. These tools are very basic lists of the latest BTC transactions and… that’s it. That’s all you get on the home page.

Scrolling back up to the top we see a few options we can choose from. Clicking on “market” brings us to a fairly basic blockchain analysis feed that shows pretty basic blockchain data being updated in real time. This data can be sorted by clicking on the headers which are #, Currency, Price, Market Cap, Volume 24hr, %24h, and Circulating Supply. Of course, you can also search for specific blockchains as well.

There are a few other options like Bitcoin cash, zcash, and blocks. These options are pretty much the same as what you find on the homepage though.

Pros & Cons
  • Its an okay blockexplorer that is simple to use.
  • Pretty boring and bland compared to other blockexplorer tools.