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Bitcointicker Review

For the technical-savvy crypto participants, it is never a bad idea to have more than one solid charting tool at your beck and call. And since there are tons of options available today, it is imperative to carry out quality research to determine the most suitable.
Knowing fully well that you might consider opting for Bitcointicker, I have gone ahead to create a comprehensive guide detailing the various functionalities of the website. In this Bitcointicker review, I will explore the strengths and weaknesses of this crypto chart platform.

What Is Bitcointicker?

Bitcointicker is a simple website with very complex tools. It is all about crypto data here at Bitcointicker. However, before we get started, I want to be completely honest with you. If you do not understand how to read complex charts and extract data from them, you may find it hard to use this website.
Bitcointicker delivers an extensive array of on-chain and off-chain information about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It focuses on providing all the data required to gauge the activities of Bitcoin participants on the network and crypto exchanges. For one, it enables a variety of charts showcasing the transaction volume over selected periods, the size of the mempool, the size of blocks, and much more. Also, it tracks data from 5 established exchanges and offers users a means of monitoring their order books.

How Does Bitcointicker Work?

As stated earlier, the sheer amount of data available on Bitcointicker could overwhelm newbies. Hence, it is better to breakdown the operations of this platform and to highlight the benefits of each.

Bid/Ask Order Book

Once you load on your browser, you will find an order book situated at the far right of your screen. This section offers real-time data on the activities of traders on exchanges. Here, you can access the orders on selected exchanges and watch as they are placed and filled. This data helps when analyzing how exchange activities affect the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Right above the order book, you can choose to switch to Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase, or Gemini as the price data source. Hence, you can access the price at which sellers and buyers prefer to execute orders. It is worth mentioning that the robustness of this bid/ask data aggregator is commendable. You can visualize the volume attached to each bid and predict the most plausible price movement.

Price Chart

The chart on the top left is an automatic indicator chart, which is displaying the price of BTC compared to the indicators you choose. The indicator choices are available on the top of the graph by clicking graph options. You can opt to display SMA, EMA, Donchian Channel, or log scales. Likewise, you have the option of setting candlesticks or line graphs. To the right of your screen are timeframe variables used to modify the charts to show the timeline you want to feature or analyze. The moving averages are calculated based on the time frame selected. Under the price chart, you will find another unique graph. This section indicates the price difference between what people are currently willing to pay versus the price they are hoping to sell.

Depth Graph

The bar graph at the bottom of your screen showcases the volume indicators. Here, the red and green lines are the gap between the price available and the price bids. According to the help section of the website, this graph provides the “cumulative depth for bid and sell orders.” In other words, it offers a means of determining the buy and sell pressure on the current price of the supported cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The site explained that this chart tracks the changes in the asking prices on exchanges. Subsequently, the platform uses these data to predict the tendency of an uptrend or downtrend.

Live Transaction Feed

Away from exchange data, you can also track live transactions on the Bitcoin network. To navigate to this feature, click on “Maps” on the menu bar of the website. This drop-down menu provides links to the transaction tracking portal and the platform’s 3D Globe page. You can click any of these submenus to access real-time updates of Bitcoin transaction details. We discovered that Bitcointicker is sourcing this data from Hence, it is safe to say that the live transaction feed is reliable. More importantly, you can enter an address and track the amount of Bitcoin received or transferred.
However, one strange thing about this feature is that the Bitcoin transaction map is redundant. There seems to be no need for the 2D and 3D maps as they do not show the location where each successful Bitcoin transaction originated.

News Archive

In addition to providing real-time prices and transaction logs, the website also offers an aggregator for the latest news relating to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In this section, you can access breaking news and their comment sections directly. Interesting enough, there is an option for you to integrate a news feed to the home page. You can access this feature by clicking on “Graph Options” at the right top of the price chart.

On-Chain Charts and Statistics

You can click on the “Charts” menu to access more details on the activities on the Bitcoin network. This section offers a wide variety of on-chain stats used to gauge the current state of the network, the profitability of mining pools, or the real-time volume of on-chain transactions. Below are the on-chain stats and charts featured on Bitcointicker.
● Transactions
● Mempool transaction data
● Mempool size
● Mining pools
● Node versions
● Node Bandwidths
● Transaction fees
● Mempool fee distribution
● Historical voting
For those who are unfamiliar with the workings of a Mempool, it is where unvalidated transactions are logged. The higher the volume of transactions on the mempool, the higher the chance of experiencing network congestions. Hence, you can use Mempool transaction or size data to determine the throughput of the Bitcoin network at each given time.
Also, you can track the mining activities on the website. This feature is more useful for individuals interested in monitoring the success of mining pools.
Mobile version
Note that Bitcointicker is a web-based platform. Hence, it is more suitable for desktop users. However, the website has enabled a mobile chart version that fits nicely on phone screens. To switch to this version, click on “Mobile” on the menu bar.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bitcointicker?

Having researched the workings of Bitointicker thoroughly, we could unravel its strengths and weaknesses.

Pros of Bitcointicker

It Has A Robust Charting Tool

The price chart and depth graph are useful, particularly for traders using more than one of the supported crypto exchanges. The real-time updates implemented on the website make it effective enough to function as a professional charting tool for analyzing and tracking the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Most importantly, you can use the depth graph to decipher price pressure and predict possible price movements.

It Supports Reliable Crypto Exchanges

Bitcointicker logs real-time data from 5 crypto exchanges. And although this selection may not suit some intending users, the pedigree of the trading platforms featured on Bitcointicker is unquestionable. These trading platforms include Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Gemini, and Bitfinex. Undoubtedly, these are some of the powerhouses when it comes to the trading of Bitcoin. Hence, there is a high probability that you will find the market data on Bitcointicker useful in some way.

It Has A News Feed

Besides offering technical analysis tools, Bitcointicker also provides a means of keeping in touch with the fundamental aspect of crypto price analysis. You can access the latest updates in the market via the news feed and subsequently anticipate price reactions.

It Tracks On-Chain Data

Not only has Bitcointicker enabled an off-chain market metrics site, but it also delivered an on-chain metrics portal. Individuals interested in observing the impact of on-chain activities can do so with the broad array of charts and stats dedicated to the Bitcoin blockchain. Here, you can track the size of the mempool, the volume of transactions, the fees paid, and the operations of mining pools.

It Is Free to Use

It is remarkable that Bitcointicker decided to render its services for free and offer unlimited access to all users. As such, you can do all the tracking and analysis you want at no extra cost. Instead of imposing fees, the website owner uses funds donated to the project to keep the site running.

It Is Easy to Navigate

The simple layout of the website makes it easier for new users to navigate the websites. In essence, the platform is user-friendly, provided you are an experienced analyst.

It Has an Address Tracking Feature

You can track the activities of Bitcoin addresses on the live transaction feed.

The cons of Bitcointicker

It Supports Just Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Most traders would prefer to opt for an analysis tool that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. If this is the case, it is safe to say that Bitcointicker may not appeal to a broad audience. This is because it supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash only. Unless you are a strong Bitcoin proponent, you may find the scope of the website’s operation restrictive.

It Is Supports Just 5 Exchanges

Even though we had praised the pedigree of exchanges featured on Bitcointicker, it does not change the fact that users are limited to data from just 5 exchanges. However, let us not forget that the website is free, and this might have played into the owner’s decision to stick to a handful of trading platforms.

Below Par Customer Support

The website’s attempt to help users understand the main features of the website is mediocre at best. The “Help” page is nowhere near the standard you will expect from a highly technical website. Also, it does not help that the only customer support channel made available is the Twitter account. Without any doubt, this will limit the chances of accessing the website’s representatives, especially if you do not use Twitter.

Pros & Cons
  • It Has A Robust Charting Tool
  • It Supports Reliable Crypto Exchanges
  • It Has A News Feed
  • It Tracks On-Chain Data
  • It Is Free to Use
  • It Is Easy to Navigate
  • It Has an Address Tracking Feature
  • It Supports Just Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • It Is Supports Just 5 Exchanges
  • Below Par Customer Support