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CoinGecko Review
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CoinGecko is a website which shows the ranking of crypto-currencies according to various factors.

The site has various sections which its users could be interested in. News on various coins, ICO, exchanges amongst others are available for the user’s concern.

At the bottom of the page, is an important disclaimer to all those who would visit the site. Below this disclaimer, is a brief description about CoinGecko, it states that their aim is to gather all the needed data which would be beneficial in ranking the potential of an altcoin either qualitatively or quantitatively. It further states that there are plans to benchmark the coins with their algorithm in a bid to establish the value of a coin when compared to the others.

Also, there are sites for donations and various links which leads to the social media platforms of CoinGecko. On the site, you can switch back and forth in night and day mode.


1. The crypto-currencies can be filtered according to Hashing Algorithms, all platforms and all categories

2. The values used for the crypto-currency rankings are the price, 24H, market capitalization, liquidity, developer, community and a graph which shows the result for the past seven days

3. At the top of the page, you would see total market cap value and the total 24h vol

Pros & Cons
  • The ranking categories are quite many, hence the ranking of the crypto-currencies is not just done with one basis
  • The website does not look fully designed and equipped, hence it could look unattractive to whoever visits the website