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Peernova Review
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PeerNova is a data solutions company that focuses on the blockchain industry. The company is based in Silicon Valley and was founded in 2013. This gives it a long history in the cryptocurrency industry. PeerNova focuses on storing, securing, and validating data and has a team with professional expertise in distributed computing systems and other key areas such as networking solution and big data. PeerNova is used for solutions such as auditing data, reconciliation, and compliance. PeerNova offers enterprise solutions aimed at business customers. PeerNova has backing from a number of well-known investors including Blockchain capital, overstock.com, and Mosaik Partners.

PeerNova's main solution is the Cuneiform platform which provides an audit technology aimed at the financial services industry. The Cuneiform platform adds a level of integrity to data by tackling two problems. The first problem is that data in a centralized database is typically easy to modify. Blockchain provides a solution to this but has some limitations when implemented at a large enterprise scale which is the second problem. PeerNova also builds a consolidated book of records which enables users to better leverage and understand their data. Overall, PeerNova is a very niche solution which is aimed at large enterprise operating with a lot of data.

Pros & Cons
  • Operating since 2013 and has significant backing
  • Data solutions that focus on storing, securing, and validating data
  • Cuneiform platform which tackles the problems of a centralized database and the limitations of blockchain technology
  • Applicability on a wide scale is limited as there is a very niche type of customer