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cryptoID Review
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Chainz, which is branded as CryptoID so I’m not really sure what its actually called, is a blockchain explorer that simply displays information across the different chains.

As soon as you enter the site you will have access to a list of cryptocurrencies and their respective blockchain data. This data is height, age, Txs, difficulty, price, and market cap.

It seems simple to use and you can easily filter this list by clicking on the column headers. You can also user the filter search bar on the right side to find a specific coin and view its data.

All of this data is reflected in real time and indicated upon by red or green flashes if it goes up or down respectively.

Aside from a FAQs list and API section, that’s really all this site has to offer. If you’re interested in watching the various blockchain data be updated in real time, this is the perfect site for you. If you’re a beginner trying to learn more about crypto, this is not the site for you.

Overall the sites design is very clean and easy to use. The functions are straight forward and there isn’t really much to talk about here.

Pros & Cons
  • Data is updated in real time
  • The flashing indicators are pretty neat to watch
  • It shows every single blockchain that is active including a graveyard of dead blockchains.
  • This site cant possibly be any easier to use.
  • There are no ads or pop ups.
  • There are other sites with more features that do the same thing.