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BTC.com hosts every possible data point related to BTC you can possibly dream of. Okay, maybe not every possible data point, but if you can’t find it here, its probably irrelevant to the average crypto user.

First, you’ll find a section detailed block information. This includes a running updating list of transactions, the height, who it was relayed by, the size, the reward, the time, and block hash.

Scrolling down you will find a list of mining pools sorted by the most hashrate. To the right of this chart, network status can be found but this function was not working when I visited. Maybe it’s a work in progress?

Aside from that, you may find more detailed information and functionality at the top of the page by choosing between the seven options available. Those options are Pool, Wallet, Blocks, Stats, Tools, Applications, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This site is especially useful if you’re a miner. BTC.com of course has a mining pool and its one of the largest known to man. The website is primarily tailored for miners and provides several tools and applications for miners to use.

If you’re not a miner, I’m not sure there are any good reasons for you to use this site other than general curiosity.

Pros & Cons
  • It’s a well laid out website with a good design
  • Plenty of helpful information and tools for crypto miners
  • I feel like the name is a bit misleading. Think about all the crypto newbs who simply thought BTC.com would be a general information site about BTC when its actually a mining related website? They are probably so confused!