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Insight Review
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Insight is an open source software which focuses on displaying the latest block information and transaction data. The two can be easily found right on the homepage and are updated in real time.

At first, I thought this website was a waste of time but actually, its primary focus is to provide WebSocket API’s for others to use this data in conjunction with other data to provide detailed information and write web wallets.

It also claims that the website and software is still under development, so I’d be interested to see what they come up with in the future.

Aside from this you can find a status update section that displays information about their software application.

All in all, this website is not for you if you’re getting started in crypto or are looking for detailed information. This site is geared towards developers wishing to use this sight as a tool to develop way more detailed and intricate tools.

You can search for specific blocks, transactions, or Eth wallets using the search bar at the top and you can also scan the QR code of a transaction to bring

That’s pretty much all you’ll find here! Simple and basic.

Pros & Cons
  • I think it’s great they are developing tools for other developers
  • The site has a really fast transaction update time
  • This site really isn’t useful for anyone who isn’t a developer.
  • There are many other sites that have the same functionality and more.