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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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U.Today Review

It is easy to forget that the crypto industry was once at loggerhead with mainstream media. The lack of accurate and unbiased reporting of crypto events spurred the emergence of crypto-focused media platforms looking to shed the light on the emerging blockchain industry.

Today, we have several media platforms designed to provide up-to-date reports on crypto happenings. Now more than ever, it has become necessary to identify the best websites to access crypto news. One such platform is U.Today. In this guide, we will explain the operations of U.Today as well as highlight its strengths and flaws.

What is U.Today?

U.Today describes itself as a global media organization focusing on enabling education and information resources for new generation technologies, particularly cryptocurrency and blockchain. The platform covers all of the latest news in the crypto space and provides analysis that looks to explain the potential effects of trends. While this is basically what most crypto media houses do, the way that U.Today goes about its business separates it from the rest.

U.Today looks to establish itself as an accurate, independent, and unbiased news website. The core objective of the platform is to create a cohesive, educative, and informative system for reporting developments in the tech world, especially when they tie into the broader crypto narrative. For what is worth, U.Today has kept to this promise and has portrayed itself as a reputable crypto news portal.

According to data from SimilarWeb, U.Today has attracted over 500,000 visits from September 2020 to February 2021. This stat shows that U.Today is fast becoming a go-to news website for crypto proponents.

What Are The Services Of U.Today?

The following are the services that U.Today provides.

Crypto News

As explained earlier, the core business of U.Today centers around the reporting of the latest news in the crypto industry. Therefore, the first thing you will see when you load the website is the latest events and happenings in the blockchain and crypto space.

Price Analysis

The website also analyzes the price movements of cryptocurrencies by exploring on-chain and off-chain data. With this, users can predict the future prices of digital assets.

PR News

Crypto startups and projects can capitalize on the prominence of U.Today to introduce new products and announce programs to crypto proponents.


U.Today also offers a space for third parties to advertise their services and products for a fee. As you would notice from the setup of the website, U.Today generates revenue from running ads for third-party entities.

Crypto Educational Write Ups

U.Today adds extra functionalities for its website by providing educational writeups on technical concepts relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency. This feature helps readers to understand complex processes and terminologies.

Why Is U.Today A Quality Crypto News Website?

Below is why U.Today is among the quality news media platforms you will find today.

Cohesive and Consistent

U.Today claims to adhere to the best of journalistic values. This involves a level of consistency and cohesiveness in its reporting. From what we discovered while researching the platform, U.Today has strived to establish itself as an all-around news website that covers everything crypto. The website has not shown any sign of favoritism as regards crypto communities. It captures every newsworthy development, regardless of the cryptocurrency involved. In contrast, a majority of crypto news websites have a knack for publicizing certain digital assets or crypto companies at the expense of others. The decision by U.Today to operate a diversity-inclined framework bodes well for its readers as they get to have a broader view of the happenings in the crypto industry.


U.Today has not limited its services to crypto news reporting. It has gone further to create learning materials for its readers. The platform has a knack for providing easy-to-understand write-ups on trending crypto concepts or technologies. This is an attempt to keep its readers in the loop of things and to promote crypto education. It is safe to say that such articles demystify blockchain technology and positions U.Today as a platform designed for a mainstream audience.

Experienced Writers

U.Today houses a team of writers with nothing less than 3 years of experience in the crypto and blockchain industry. The expertise of this team is an indication of U.Today’s commitment to delivering quality news articles. While exploring the featured articles, we could identify hints of quality as regards the writing style. The errors are few and far between and the writers’ proficiency in crypto and blockchain technologies is never in question.

High Journalistic Value

Several standards guide the operation of news platforms, especially if they intend to deliver top-notch services. One of such standards entails news websites to authenticate the source of news before reporting them. It is crucial on the part of media platforms to ensure the authenticity of their sources. There is an ongoing campaign to reduce the spread of fake news. Therefore, every crypto media platform has a role to play. And from all indications, U.Today is playing its part by ensuring that all of its news is accurate and verified.

Fast Reporting

Another noticeable future was the fast reporting style of U.Today. It is safe to say that the platform has proven itself as a reliable source for breaking news. Note that the speed at which a news platform reports trending events is also a tell-tale sign of its efficiency. You do not want to opt for a news website that reports stale news, considering that the crypto market runs 24/7 and responds to events at a neck-breaking speed. U.Today excels in this department, thanks to its proactiveness in the crypto scene.

Opinion Pieces

U.Today also features opinion pieces with thought-provoking analyses of various topics. Here, the writers take topics apart and create potent narratives that tend to expose readers to all of the variables that could affect the outcome of an event. With this, U.Today spurs readers to consider all of the possibilities when analyzing crypto narratives.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using U.Today?

Judging by the various functionalities highlighted above, it is clear that the website is one of the best crypto news media you will find today. However, this does not mean that it has no flaws too. Here, we will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of using U.Today.

What Are The Pros Of U.Today?

It provides accurate news

It is not ethical to report the latest news without researching its authenticity. This goes against everything that quality and standard news websites should stand for. Hence, it is no surprise that U.Today has gone to lengths to ensure that published news undergoes fact checks. As such, readers can be confident that they are accessing quality news when they visit the U.tody website.

U.Today offers concise and error-free publications

It is worth mentioning that the style and the guidelines used by U.Today writers are topnotch. The articles were nicely written and concise. At no point did we encounter error-ridden write-ups. Therefore, readers can ascertain that they are accessing well-written news articles.

It uses a cohesive approach to crypto coverage

Another advantage of using U.Today is that you do not have to worry that the website might tend to favor specific cryptocurrencies and platforms. U.Today promises to shed every element of favoritism when covering crypto news. Hence, it does not focus on selected aspects of the crypto industry at the expense of other crypto sectors.

It is unbiased

U.Today is not skewing narratives to influence the perception of readers. Instead, it is providing them with only the information they need to make their own decisions. In other words, U.Today does not receive payment to put a project in the limelight or to downplay its effectiveness. They, however, do not shy away from covering controversial conversations by providing all of the facts.

It is a good crypto education website

As mentioned earlier, U.Today has a section dedicated to delivering educational write ups for readers. Here, you can get all the information you need to demystify complex crypto and blockchain concepts. Thus, new crypto proponents may find this website useful.

It is user-friendly

It is commendable that U.Today opted for a simple design that allows users to go about their business without having to worry about the loading speed or other performance variables. The design allows smooth navigation.

It covers the latest news

Notably, U.Today is an active news website as it shows an impressive capacity of tracking the very volatile crypto industry and providing users with timely newsworthy content. It is always impressive when a news website shows a high tendency of keeping users up-to-date with trending crypto news.

It is available in Russian

The website is also available in another language other than English. In this case, readers have the option of switching to Russian as their preferred language. This exposes U.Today to more regions.

What Are The Cons Of U.Today?

Its Crypto price analyses are not in-depth

It is not enough to write reports on the latest news. Crypto media platforms are increasingly infusing price analytic write ups to help users have a firm grasp of current market trends and predict future price movements. And while this is a common feature in the crypto media sector, it is important to point out that many price analytic writeups found on news websites are not particularly potent. More often than not, a majority of platforms rehash the same content. Only a few have gone all out to create comprehensive and quality crypto price analysis articles for fresh insight on market movements. U.Today’s price analysis section does not do enough to highlight and explain market variables that could alter the prices of digital assets.

It features advertisements

Although it is not easy to run a free-to-use website without running an ad-based revenue strategy, we can not help but point out that the presence of ads on a news website may not sit right with some users. Ads may affect the user experience, especially when the advertised products and services are not appealing to the reader.

Pros & Cons
  • It provides accurate news
  • U.Today offers concise and error-free publications
  • It uses a cohesive approach to crypto coverage
  • It is unbiased
  • It is a good crypto education website
  • It is user-friendly
  • It covers the latest news
  • It is available in Russian
  • Its Crypto price analyses are not in-depth
  • It features advertisements