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Bitcoinmagazine Review
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As the name implies, it consists of a lot of information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The site has a great design and a reader could easily get important information with just a tap. Bitcoin Magazine has its news under categories like; Privacy and Security, Let’s talk Bitcoin, Technical, Adoption and Community and several others not listed on the home page.

However, some posts are promoted one the site which have been classified under News from BTC Studios. There are also another set called Trending News which are currently happening in the world. Others are just news divided into; Blockchain, Mining, Regulation, Trading and Investing, for easy comprehension and navigation.

The only thing you have to do is fill in your email and you get subscribed to receive daily updates from the site. Bitcoin Magazine offers advertisement services and offers an opportunity for writers or bloggers to join the platform for effective dissemination of information.

Features of Bitcoin Magazine.

1. News: The news section is divided into several parts, few of those listed are; Mining, Digital assets, Payments, Privacy and Security, Scams, Startups, etc.

2. Guides: Here, this section teaches and imparts knowledge about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

3. Price and Data: This section shows the current price of Bitcoin and other valuable data showing its position in the market.

4. Events: Important events which will take place later in the year are promoted in this section. Readers are also provided with necessary details on how to attend them.

Pros & Cons
  • The site has valuable information.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Bitcoin Magazine covers almost all aspect of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.