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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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BeinCrypto: Crypto News at Its Purest Form

In the crypto space, information is a highly coveted asset. Professionals allocating their resources to the crypto industry would do anything to access timely and unaltered news. In essence, it has become imperative that the custodians of information remain committed to keeping the global crypto community updated. The importance of this responsibility has inadvertently evoked a surge in the number of crypto news platforms operating in the space.

While the proliferation of media platforms gives participants more options to choose from, it, on the other hand, puts them in a fix. How will they choose from the options available and pick the most reliable? One of the platforms that you might encounter in your chase for quality news is BeinCrypto. In this article, we will review BeinCrypto and compare it with the established standard in the crypto news market.

What is BeinCrypto?

BeinCrypto is a crypto news platform that provides up to date information about the happenings in the crypto space. The types of reports available on the website include price analysis, market insights, crypto development details, and press releases. The platform, founded in August 2018, has strived to provide timely news, albeit in a transparent manner. As such, the platform takes journalist ethics seriously, and it ensures that every piece of information featuring on the website is free from bias.

According to the information garnered about the website, BeinCrypto is located in Hong Kong, and it has an office in the United Kingdom. Also, the journalist team comprises of individuals from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Therefore, it is safe to say that the platform is a nest of global thinkers that browse through the fast-paced crypto space and present its visitors high-quality content.

The Pros and Cons of BeinCrypto


High-Quality Content

From the looks of things, the news and analytic articles featured on BeinCrypto undergo strict editorial processes. This assertion is evident as there appears to be no grammatical error or unproven facts found on the website.


It is common practice for crypto news platforms to solicit funds by featuring unlabeled sponsored articles, paid news, and biased reporting. In the case of BeinCrypto, the editorial team ensures that its news and analysis are unbiased. Similarly, the website indicates sponsored content. The management of the platform strives to reveal details that might sway writers’ sentiments, especially their crypto holdings.

User Experience

The mobile-friendly website layout and design of BeinCrypto are appealing and well-structured. This design helps visitors to find their desired news. Even more impressive is the fact that the website does not incorporate ads to the point that it will distract visitors. As at the time of this review, there was only one ad found on the site.


The News Archive on The Platform Is Limited

Research is a basic requirement for anyone looking to participate in the crypto market. People search the web to reconcile present developments with historical events. Seeing that BeinCrypto has only been operating for over a year, it is clear that there are limited resources available for references. However, with time, BeinCrypto will build a rich archive of its own.


There is enough evidence to show that BeinCrypto is a crypto media platform that promotes quality and transparent content. Its design, mobile-friendliness, attention to detail, and promptness makes it a credible source of crypto news.

Pros & Cons
  • High-Quality Content
  • Transparency
  • User Experience
  • The News Archive on The Platform Is Limited