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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Capital Wallet

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(6 reviews)
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Capital Wallet Website Review

  • Capital Wallet is a crypto solution provider that was originally founded in 2020.

  • The platform aims to offer users the opportunity to accept, hold, send and even trade many digital assets.

  • There are over 200 cryptocurrencies that users can exchange or trade.

  • This is an online wallet, also known as a hot wallet, that always has a connection to the internet but provides multi-signature support and 24/7 customer support.

There are numerous cryptocurrency wallets that have been developed within the crypto sphere, all of which aim to provide a unique and convenient solution to any cryptocurrency trader.

Capital Wallet is one such wallet that aims to provide users with an opportunity where they can manage their cryptocurrencies and assist them in the overall trading procedure of cryptocurrencies.

Capital Wallet aims to provide users with numerous features, from basic trading to advanced trading and cryptocurrency storage in a multi-signature wallet.

In fact, by leveraging the power of Capital Wallet, each trader can access over 200 cryptocurrencies from the platform directly, where they can dive into the deep market order book as well as advanced charting tools.

Today, we are going to go over just about everything each trader needs to know when it comes to Capital Wallet and make a well-educated decision in regards to if this wallet is right for their specific needs, requirements and use-cases. Let’s dive in/

Capital Wallet Website

From the very moment that you enter the official Capital Wallet website, you are greeted by a minimalist and simple yet effective website design that has a few color tones, grabbing your attention at the right places. 

The website is split across a global website as well as a Europe-specific website, both of which feature specific design differences.

On the European version of the Capital Wallet website, you will find a navigation bar at the top. Here, on the left side of the screen, you will find the Capital Wallet logo.

As you move across to the left side, you will find:

  • Products - Here, you can find sub-pages, including Merchant Solution, Trading Exchange, and Send and Receive as options.

  • Markets

  • Resources - Here, you can find sub-pages, including The Insider, API Documentation, and the Trading Exchange Guide Center.

  • Company - Here, you will be able to find sub-pages, including the About Us Page, Contact Us, Security, Fees, and Press Release.

  • Login

  • Sign Up

Then you have the wallet's slogan, where it claims it is the "One Platform For All Cryptocurrency Solutions."

Underneath this specific section of the page, you will find a "Get Started Now" button, where all you need to do is enter your email address.

There's an image of a desktop computer right underneath it that aims to showcase the user interface behind the wallet's and platform's functionality.

Then, you can select between two options, including “For Individuals” and “For Merchants”.

When we click on the option "For Individuals," we can see information surrounding:

  • Basic Trading: Here, users can exchange instantly from one crypto to another at the best exchange rate.

  • Advanced Trading: Here, users can gain access to over 200 cryptocurrencies and gain access to multiple order types, a deep market order book, and advanced charting tools.

  • Crypto Storage: Here, users can store their cryptocurrencies in a multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet.

When we click on the option "For Merchants," we can see information surrounding:

  • Payment Gateway: Here, users gain access to the ability to make crypto payment integrations quickly, seamlessly, and securely, as they will gain the ability to accept all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as payment options.

  • Multi-Coin Wallet: Here, users will be able to receive, manage and exchange as well as send multiple digital assets through a reliable as well as scalable wallet service.

  • API Integration: Here, any user can integrate their business with the smart payments that are on offer, as well as the wallet APIs, for a customized experience.

  • Advanced Reporting: Here, users are provided with the opportunity to essentially manage their businesses with daily updates on the client funds as well as volumes.

  • Transaction History: Here, users can view transaction histories from the merchant portal and analyze their financial activity.

Then there’s the “Why Choose Capital Wallet?” section of the page that provides each visitor with access to multiple reasons as to why this service specifically stands out.

Here, the website provides each visitor with information surrounding the fact that Capital Wallet is an all-in-one solution that does not require third-party integration. It aims to provide each of its customers with the best execution process, where they can concert cryptocurrencies in real-time at the best conversion prices.

Furthermore, it claims that it is cost-effective, where each user can benefit from the low processing fees found within crypto payments, alongside gaining access to a dedicated dashboard with integrated wallets backed by multi-layered security.

Additionally, there is fast-track verification that aims to provide easy onboarding and verification processes for merchants and a dedicated support team that's active 24/7 alongside a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

This is followed by the “Our Mission and Vision” section of the page.

Here, the company claims that its mission is to build an integrated as well as trusted space for cryptocurrency users at individual and enterprise levels and to create an ecosystem where exchanging assets on a global scale is simple and direct.

Then there are call-to-action buttons where users can explore the market and view the fees.

This is followed by the "Capital Wallet Makes Learning Crypto Easy," also known as the education center, where users can access:

  • The insider - access to a comprehensive crypto manual delivering crypto news, Capital Wallet product updates, educational articles for all crypto users, and other types of information.

  • Guides - access to the basics of the crypto ecosystem through specialized guides, where each user will be able to gain answers to any product-related questions, as well as access to a detailed glossary to help them understand industry jargon.

  • Crypto Outlook - through this service, users can access information surrounding all major market analysis and predictions, which is curated by the Capital Wallet expert team, and learn as they trade.

Near the bottom of the page, each user will also find numerous sub-pages, including:

  • Product - Merchant Solution, Trading Exchange, Send and Receive.

  • Features - Markets.

  • Resources - The Insider, Trading Exchange Guide Center, API Documentation.

  • Company - About Us, Security, Press Release, Contact Us, Fees.

  • Legal - Terms and Conditions, AML Policy, Privacy Policy.

Near the bottom, here are links to the company's Facebook page, Twitter Page, Instagram page, and Reddit Page.

History of Capital Wallet

Capital Wallet is a multi-signature wallet that was developed with the goal in mind of offering safe as well as secure transactions for exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies.

All of them feature multi-signature addresses, which means that users will have more than one private key as a means of signing in and authorizing the transaction, or these keys can also be utilized as a means of generating a signature.

This idea and service were originally launched in 2020 for the very first time, and the Capital Wallet was created as a hot wallet, meaning that the private keys are stored online and that you always require an internet connection in order to access the wallet.

Capital Wallet Functionality

There are numerous features as well as types of functionality that you will find while utilizing Capital Wallet.

First, there are over 200 cryptocurrencies you can trade, buy or sell.

When we look at the fees, which are charged on a per-trade basis, the service has a 0.50% trading fee and a 0.50% conversion fee.

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal fees, these are free, except for the withdrawal fees that also might cost a transaction (mining) fee.

Additionally, Capital Wallet is a hot wallet, and this essentially gives us an indication that you will always need to use an internet-connected device in order to connect to the wallet and utilize any of the features available.

When you create an account, there are two types of Accounts that can be created; these include:

  • Individual Account: each user needs to provide the necessary information requested in the form, and this data is collected to comply with the anti-money laundering (AML) laws and to verify each user’s identity.

  • Corporate Account: each user will need to register by providing information about their business, their intended use of the Account, and the ownership of their business.

Once Capital Wallet assesses the information and the documents that have been submitted, the Account becomes activated, and each user will be able to start using the platform at the point in time when they are found eligible to access the platform and the services on offer.

There are multiple markets available, including:

All Markets

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • EUR

  • USD

  • USDT

Users can filter out the markets, last price, Est. USD value, 24h changes, 24h high, 24h low, the volume, and the trade.

There are also numerous articles written on different cryptocurrencies that users can access as a means of staying up-to-date on each project's developments and price movements so that they can make a well-educated and well-informed decision as to what they want to invest in or trade based on actual analytical data and not just emotion.

The service also features a 24/7 customer support team that can be contacted at any point in time, alongside providing users access to a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, all of which ensures that everyone can have a much easier time using Capital Wallet.

Pros and Cons of Capital Wallet

Capital Wallet Pros

  • A highly-popular wallet that has been in the market since 2020.

  • Easy-to-Use and simplistic website and user interface.

  • Multi-Signature verification for an enhanced level of security.

  • Over 200 cryptocurrencies are made available.

Capital Wallet Cons

  • The registration process requires a lot of documentation and can be a bit complex at first.

  • There are different websites for the global market and the European market that can confuse some people.

The Bottom Line

Capital Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that falls under the hot wallet criteria due to the fact that it is an online-based wallet that always requires an internet connection.

However, it is a secure wallet that offers two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as multi-signature verification as a means of ensuring that the platform is as secure as possible, all of which contribute to user confidence.

Additionally, it offers users the ability to accept, hold, send or trade any of the supported 200+ cryptocurrencies, which is a solid number of cryptocurrencies supported.

The wallet follows all of the required Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards, which ultimately enhances user security, and ensures that it will stick around for the long term.

All of these factors surrounding the Capital Wallet service, coupled with its exceptional yet simplistic website design, make it a platform that is a solid offering in a space where there are hundreds of alternative options available.

If you are looking for a platform that does it all, or if you want a one-size-fits-all solution, Capital Wallet is a solid option that you can check out today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Capital Wallet?

Capital Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and trading services provider that has the main goal of enabling each of its users the ability to accept, hold, send or trade any of the supported 200+ cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

Is Capital Wallet Secure?

Capital Wallet is indeed secure and offers two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as multi-signature verification as a means of ensuring that the platform is as secure as possible.

What Are the Transaction Fees that Are Charged by Capital Wallet?

Capital Wallet charges fees based on what the user does if they are trading or converting cryptocurrencies. The trading fee is 0.50%, and the conversion fee is 0.50% at the current point in time.

When Was Capital Wallet Founded?

Capital Wallet was founded in 2020.

Pros & Cons
  • A highly-popular wallet that has been in the market since 2020.
  • Easy-to-Use and simplistic website and user interface.
  • Multi-Signature verification for an enhanced level of security.
  • Over 200 cryptocurrencies are made available.