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Coin ATM Radar Review
Coin ATM Radar
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Coin ATM Radar enables users to find crypto ATM's along with other cash-to-crypto services. Apart from this, they also offer a number of other services related to crypto ATM's. Some of the other services include an ATM profitability calculator based on input metrics along with a Bitcoin ATM store. The website also helps users who wish to set up an ATM by providing a guide along with an analysis of costs and revenues in the business. Some of the ATMs in the store have multi-currency support and have two-way functionality where users can both buy cryptocurrencies for fiat and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Coin ATM Radar was established in 2014. The ATM business is difficult for many to operate so Coin ATM Radar provides data on the opening and closing of ATMs. The website contains a map which provides the number of ATMs in different geographical locations and countries. Users can also find where in each country the ATM is located. The map may not always be accurately updated. There is also a guide on how to use the ATMs as they have a completely different operation than regular ATMs. Users who are new to cryptocurrency may struggle to use these ATMs so it is an advantage that the website contains guides on how to use.

Coin ATM Radar is free for visitors to use. Their fee-paying services are targeted at ATM operators and include promoting your ATM, becoming a featured operator, banner advertising, and integrating the Coin ATM Radar map with other websites.

Pros & Cons
  • Contains a wide variety of services and details on the ATM business
  • Helps site visitors both to use an ATM and to analyse the business prospects of setting one up
  • Free for visitors to use with only a number of paid services for ATM operators
  • The map may not be always be updated