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Elctroncash Wallet

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Electron Cash is an open source Bitcoin Cash wallet. The wallet was first released in August 2017 when the Bitcoin Cash fork occurred. The wallet is limited to only supporting Bitcoin Cash. It is a simplified payment verification (SPV) node. Users control their own private keys. The private keys are stored and encrypted on the users hard drive. Private keys can be exported so that users can use the wallet in other Bitcoin clients. Users can back up their wallet with a mnemonic seed phrase.

The wallet is not hierarchical deterministic. There is also no option for users to enable two-factor authentication. There is multi-signature functionality. One of the key benefits of the wallet is users can keep their funds in cold storage. Users can export their public key to an external wallet which is online and uses the wallet as a watch-only where they can monitor balances and transactions with the online wallet and sign transactions with the offline one.

Pros & Cons
  • Private keys are stored and encrypted on the users hard drive
  • Users can export the public key to establish a watch-only wallet
  • SPV node meaning users do not have to download a full copy of the blockchain
  • Users can back up the wallet with a mnemonic phrase
  • Multi-signature functionality
  • Not hierarchical deterministic
  • No two-factor authentication
  • Only supports Bitcoin Cash