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r/BitShares Review
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r/BitShares does not introduce us to what BitShares is all about, but if there is one thing we understand, it is that the community was created to connect BitShares users together. The community enhances discussion and development. There are over 7,000 subscribers to the category on Reddit; to join them, tap the Subscribe button and start receiving unlimited updates.

The page is not divided into 2 sections like most Reddit categories where you have Rooms and Posts at the same time. The Posts can either be viewed as Classic or Card and are divided into Hot, Top, New and Controversial posts.

Important information about BitShares have been pinned on the page by moderators for readers; therefore, if you are new to crypto or just visiting the site, they are available for you to view and get interested. There are only few post for each day on the site but they give the opportunity to readers for them to vote in out, drop comments as well as share link for group to other people.

At the top side of the page, you have contact information and information about the community. You can as well add information to the home screen if you want to. The site supports low quality images but no videos. So, if you are expecting videos or posts to be classified into segments, then you’ll be disappointed.

Pros & Cons
  • Over 7,000 subscribers.
  • Contact information for help.
  • Supports analytic reviews.
  • Low quality images and no videos.