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If you are a Forex trader that uses cryptocurrencies, then CryptoMarkets as a community for trading wouldn’t be such a big deal to you. r/CryptoMarkets in that wise means all information about CryptoMarkets are being updated under this category on Reddit. You get daily and important information on cryptocurrencies for trading.

There are many tags on the site which are crypto-related and all in a way, makes things less-difficult for subscribers. You can join the thousands of the subscribers on the site by just clicking on the Subscribe button and you get started. The site also displays the number of active subscribers online.

There are 4 types of Posts on the site; Hot Posts, New Posts, Top Posts and Controversial Posts. All information and posts are updated by the hour with credits given to whoever posted them as a registered moderator on the platform. Most of these posts have been classified into segments such as News, Discussion, Strategy, and Security. Each post allows you to vote, drop comments and share to the social community.

Also, you can either Save, Hide or Report post depending on how you find the content; if you find it very vital, you can Save; if you find it irrelevant, you can Hide; and if you find it offensive, you can Report. You can as well pin down these posts so you can always find them displayed on your page. r/CryptoMarkets has every information you need about cryptocurrencies and Forex.

Pros & Cons
  • Information or Update is by the hour.
  • Easy to use and read.
  • Not all posts were classified into segments.