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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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The crypto space is rife with projects that have seen their value rise to astronomical heights, even as bitcoin leads the way. One of these projects is Ripple. Over the last two years, Ripple has climbed the steep slopes of the crypto market, to sit among viable cryptocurrencies keenly competing for the ultimate throne.
As expected, the growing popularity of Ripple has helped it mold a quality community of crypto participants who are enthralled with the successes and innovative edge of the cryptocurrency. The Ripple community is spread across various social network channels. However, in this review, we will focus on the network of individuals fueling the Ripple conversation on Reddit via the r/Ripple subreddit. Here, you will get to access our short overview of the crypto subreddit, the rules that govern the activities of its members, and its pros and cons.

An overview of r/Ripple subreddit

The r/Ripple subreddit solely focuses on Ripple-related topics, and it has existed for over two years now, which reflects in its size. At the time of this review, the subreddit had 208,000 members, and a fair share of its members are active. Furthermore, the design of the subreddit is squeaky clean and less flamboyant than what we have gotten used to on the Reddit platform. Apart from the professionalism exhibited through the adopted design, a quick look at the discussion threads of this subreddit evokes a sense of seriousness and positivity.
The discussions found on the forum indicates that a majority of the members are quite knowledgeable in the concept of cryptocurrency and its volatile market. More often than not, members back their perceptions with facts, which might spur counter arguments or contributions that display how proactive and informed the subreddit’s members are. As such, this group of crypto participants discusses the economics of the Ripple platform, updates or upgrades of the coin’s blockchain, partnerships that suggest Ripple’s growing mainstream acceptance, and whatever it is that is trending in the Ripple ecosystem.

What are the rules governing the activities of members of the r/Ripple subreddit?

You should know by now that you can only contribute to a subreddits when you join it. Otherwise, you would only have the liberty to watch from afar. Nonetheless, joining a subreddit subjects you under the rules governing the activities of its members. The same is true for the Ripple cryptocurrency reddit. Hence, the first piece of information you will find on the subreddit is a welcome post that emphasizes the importance of complying with the group’s rules, along with a link to a page where the moderators outlined the subreddit’s 10 rules. Below is what it entails to be a complying member of the r/Ripple subreddit.

Respect everyone’s views

Reddit is a staunch promoter of commendable values, which must reflect on all its subreddits. Hence, being a member of r/Ripple ties you to the platform’s golden rule, which the r/Ripple’s rule book aptly summarizes when it stated: “Treat others how you want to be treated and refrain from inappropriate behavior.” In light of this, you are responsible for your contributions to the group, and every word, text, or video must not come off as personal attacks, derogatory remarks, or harassment.

Make it all about Ripple

While you have the liberty to touch on any aspect of the Ripple ecosystem, you are, however, not allowed to go beyond the realms of Ripple. Every contribution must link back to Ripple, and even the title of your posts must include the word “Ripple” or “XRP.”
The failure to keep to this rule might get you banned from the community. For altcoin comparisons and other discussions that are not native to the Ripple ecosystem, the moderators advise that you check out the r/XRP subreddit.

Your posts must not incite speculation

It’s a tad difficult to eliminate speculation in the crypto space. Nevertheless, this is exactly what this subreddit tries to achieve, as its moderators expect all members to refrain from speculative posts, fake news, or comments that spread FUD. As such, you must not spam the subreddit or contributing low-effort contents. Low-effort content in this context relates to memes, reaction gifs, unreferenced claims, technical analysis, advertisements, personal blog posts, and the likes. Similarly, a rule restricts posts promoting illegal activities or illicit content. In other words, do not get caught up in activities that advocate tax evasion or erode privacy.
Notably, the moderators are keen on discouraging members from contributing unnecessary posts. And so, they have mandated new users, with Ripple-related questions, to search the subreddit’s history for previously asked questions to curtail repetitions.

What are the pros of r/Ripple?

It has proactive and knowledgeable members

As stated earlier, r/Ripple has over 200,000 members. And from our research, several of its members are active. Besides, these individuals take this community seriously, as they hold nothing back when it comes to dispersing information and educating newbies.

r/Ripple is a community hell-bent on sustaining positivity

Conversations and contributions found on this subreddit show that the moderators, as well as the members, are working hand-in-hand to establish a positive and clean community. In essence, the group does not condone any form of harassment, trolling, insults, attacks, and other abrasive contributions. As such, members respect varying views or constructively correct themselves whenever a perception is wrong.

The subreddit is very serious about the security of its members

The moderators of this Ripple crypto reddit have enacted one or two rules that emphasize security. For one, the subreddit does not condone spam or advertisements, which exponentially decreases the chances of falling victim to nefarious schemes.

What are the cons of r/Ripple?

Too many restrictions

Although restrictions help the subreddit curtail the downsides of an unregulated discussion hub, too much of it, however, makes it a bit rigid. For one, it is clear that disallowing gifs and memes sucks the fun out of this subreddit. It is bland and not buzzing enough. Restricting members to Ripple-related topics also does not help.

Final thoughts

The r/Ripple subreddit is an informative channel on everything Ripple, and it has a community that is constantly discussing the prospect of the Ripple ecosystem. As such, it only suits people who fancy discussions that pertain to XRP and Ripple.

Pros & Cons
  • It has proactive and knowledgeable members
  • r/Ripple is a community hell-bent on sustaining positivity
  • The subreddit is very serious about the security of its members
  • Videos are supported on the site.
  • Simple and plain design.
  • Too many restrictions
  • Low-quality images.
  • No segments for posts.