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Solidity Review



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Solidity.readthedocs.io is a website which contains documentation relating to Solidity, the Ethereum network development language. The website also has translated versions for Russian and Spanish with Chinese and Korean currently in progress of being translated. The Russian version is also noted to be outdated. The project is open source and there is a link to GitHub where users can pull and edit the documentation and then request to merge. There is a search bar on the top-left of the homepage which allows the users to search through all of the documentation for specific queries or requests.

The main sections are listed on the left-hand side of the website and each of these main headings also has subheadings. The documentation is technical and includes detailed examples. There is also an FAQ page included in the list. There is an order to the list documentation with the higher up headings going over more of the basic details of the programming language. More advanced details are covered further down the list. The website is free to use. Overall, the documentation is a good resource for those actively using and learning the Solidity programming.

Pros & Cons
  • Open-source project
  • Detailed examples
  • Intuitive and ordered list
  • Translations are limited