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How to Generate a Custom Bitcoin Review
How to Generate a Custom Bitcoin
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“How to generate a custom Bitcoin Address with an AMD GPU on Ubuntu” is a Medium Blog post by Jameson Lopp. Jameson Lopp is well-known in the cryptocurrency community and is an active developer. Lopp has his own personal website which lists resources and has over 178 thousand followers on Twitter. Lopp also actively posts informative articles on Medium.

This article shows users how to create a more personalizable and recognizable address than the typical alphanumeric strings we associate Bitcoin addresses with. The post goes over the technical summary of how to create this address and also provides links to other resources for deeper reading. The address creation can be created on Vanitygen which is an open-source command-line custom Bitcoin address generator.

Lopp also notes in the article that this should not be done if the user does not want their identity associated with the address. Using the same address makes it easier to associate an identity with the address. It is most suitable for payment and donation requests. In terms of business, it is more suited as it will show the payment sender that you expended computational resources to set this up. Overall, this is an informative post that gives that covers the key points of implementation with examples but users will require some technical knowledge to be able to safely apply it.

Pros & Cons
  • Lopp is well-known and regarded in the cryptocurrency community as an active developers
  • Goes over key points of implementations
  • Gives technical example
  • Notes limitations and cases where not to use
  • Users will require some level of technical knowledge to apply