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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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How To Create Your Own Ethereum

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"How To Create Your Own Ethereum Token In An Hour" is a Steemit blog post by Max Nachamkin. Nachamkin has a reputation score of 37 on Steemit which is a relatively high score. Steemit content producers begin with a reputation score of 25 and gradually increase based on producing quality content and positive feedback from the Steemit community. The post has had a lot of interaction with the Steemit community with over 340 upvotes and over 140 comments.

The post was created to help users launch their own token and bridge the technical barrier between wanting to launch a token and having the knowledge on how to do so. The post goes over the key considerations readers should take into account before creating their token. The post also goes over the technical details of how to code the token. Readers will need to have some level of Solidity programming knowledge to understand this part. Solidity is the programming language for the Ethereum network. However, Nachamkin makes the post also useful to those who have no knowledge of programming Solidity as they can just copy the code and change the "CHANGE THESE VALUES FOR YOUR TOKEN" parts to their own token metrics. These parts are put into the code where it relates to token name, token symbol, token decimal places, the amount the owner starts with, and the number of tokens in circulation. The post goes further to show users how to get the token on the testnet and the mainnet, and also shows steps to add further credibility to the token.

Pros & Cons
  • Useful post which bridges the knowledge gap between those who want to launch a token but lack the technical skills
  • Can be applied by those with no Solidity programming skills as they just have to change the labelled variables.
  • Information provided on how to launch on the testnet and mainnet, and also how to provide further credibility to the coin
  • Some solidity knowledge required to understand the coding part fully