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Go Bitcoin Vanity Address Generator Review
Go Bitcoin Vanity Address Generator
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Vanity addresses are addresses which users can choose some or all of them for themselves. For example, instead of the typical somewhat random alphanumeric string which is common for Bitcoin address, an address may have within it some reference to the person or a business. The "Go Bitcoin Vanity Address Generator" is a vanity address generator for Bitcoin wrote in the programming language Go. The project is open source and free to use. The project page was developed by Dave Collins and originally forked from Jimmy Song. Jimmy Song is well known in the cryptocurrency industry, especially for his views and work on Bitcoin. The project has just two contributors and six forks. All the relevant documentation and instructions are on the GitHub page. There is a donation address for those who wish to donate.

It is recommended for users not to use vanity addresses if they wish to remain anonymous. Identities can be linked to addresses through analysis of data on the blockchain. The more commonly used a Bitcoin address is, the easier it is to link an identity to it.

Pros & Cons
  • Enables users to generate vanity addresses
  • Originally developed by Jimmy Song who is well-known in the cryptocurrency industry
  • Open-source
  • Free to use
  • Not very utilised
  • Relates only to Go programming language