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Ethereum Development and DApps Review

Ethereum Development and DApps


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Ethdev subreddit is a large community on Reddit for subjected related to development, smart contracts, and DApps on the Ethereum network. Some of the discussion points include smart contracts, wallets, clients, infrastructure, tools, tutorials, users interfaces, patterns, development, learning solidity, and more. The subreddit has over 14,000 subscribers and has ten moderators. Posts by community members are tagged in a number of categories including Information, Tutorial, Projects, and Questions. Users can search results based on the different tags. Users can filter on the top of the subreddit by hot (i.e. currently popular), new, top (i.e. most upvotes), and wiki. The wiki page is currently not operating. Within the top page, users can filter via the timeframe they wish to scan. The top post of all time on this subreddit is currently a list of developer tools, frameworks, components, and services via a link to GitHub. This post has over 150 upvotes.

The community has been in existence for three years. The community is very active with multiple posts per day and discussion developing under these posts. The community is very accessible to users of almost any level and there are tutorials to help those with no background in programming build up their skills and knowledge while also participating in an experienced community. Users should be careful though also. Although ten moderators is a good amount, not all information posted can be quality assured.

Pros & Cons
  • Accessible for all levels
  • Ten moderators operating
  • Useful resources including tutorials
  • Due to it being a subreddit, not all information can be quality assured