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Governments don't understand cyber warfare. We need hackers Review
Governments don't understand cyber warfare. We need hackers
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This Ted talk was given in London in June 2015 by data scientist and virtual security researcher Rodrigo Bijou.

Luckily, for our none English speakers there are transcripts in over 24 different languages!

This Ted talk largely focuses on the implications of a digital war being waged between private corporations, activists, and non-state groups who all have differing beliefs in the world of online business and information.

Unfortunately, this war has fostered a lot of digital violence, theft, and security violations due to outdated security measures and draconian surveillance programs. If you use the internet in any way, you have probably been exposed to something that has been impacted by this conflict. With that said, I highly suggest any internet users (obviously you are one if you are reading this) to check this Ted talk out! It’s very informative and will dive to greater depths in internet security then you have probably ever considered possible.

Pros & Cons
  • Rodrigo does a great job of providing information to empower everyday internet users to stand up and fight back against digital injustices.
  • There is a lot of great information here for people of all levels of understanding in cyber space.
  • Rodrigo is boldly calling people to take a stand and use information to fight intolerant behaviors on the internet
  • There are some opinions here that may or may not be completely backed by real data so do your own research and draw your own conclusions!
  • Although this is meant for everyone, without a little depth in understanding internet security and cyber-attacks, this talk may be a little difficult to understand.