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Paul Kemp-Robertson: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of branded currency. Review


Paul Kemp-Robertson: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of branded currency.

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In June 2013, Paul Kemp-Robertson gives this riveting Ted talk on a new generation of currency and economics. Can he accurately describe a future without banking and fiat? I’ll let you watch the Ted talk to find out, but I can tell you that it is definitely worth finding out!

Who is Paul Kemp-Robertson?
He is the cofounder and editorial director of a multi-platform marketing resource named Contagious Communications.

This Ted Talk primarily focuses on how flawed our current system of banking and money is and then offers digital currencies and decentralized systems as a solution. Paul also explains how large companies are already implementing this technology to a great degree, allowing blockchain technology to slowly creep into our lives and take over the archaic systems already in place.

This talk is a little outdated as he talks about the “recent” crash of 50% from $266 to $110 (laughable amounts in todays bitcoin world). However, despite being dated, there is a lot of good information here and some of what he talks about has really happened. I think comparing his insights from 2013 to now is actually helpful in creating insights about the future. You can see the logical thinking processes that went on to make this talk and apply what he did to the future.

Pros & Cons
  • Paul isn’t a cryptocurrency expert in this talk, he is an advertiser that compares cryptocurrency to the niches he is an expert in. He does a great job of it!
  • He actually provides real world examples of how cryptocurrency is already being implemented, even in 2013 before crypto became main stream.
  • This talk is from 2013 and obviously that is comparable to the dinosaur ages in the history of bitcoin.