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Jon Gosier: The problem with "trickle-down techonomics" Review


Jon Gosier: The problem with "trickle-down techonomics"

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Despite this Tedtalk being a dinosaur in cryptospeak and being deliver way back in 2014 at TEDGlobal, Jon Gosier delivers a timeless speech on trickle down techonomics. I watched this Tedtalk today, 9/10/18 and still found almost all of this information completely relevant and utterly important.
So who is Jon Gosier?

Mr. Gosier is a serial tech entrepreneur and early stage startup investor who was listed in Time Magazine as one of the “12 New Faces of Black Leadership”.

This TedTalk focuses primarily on how new technology makes some peoples lives considerably worse.
What? Technology making peoples lives worse? That can’t be true.

Well that’s kind of what I thought too before watching this TedTalk, but after completing it, I was speechless for a moment. Jon makes a lot of great points and truly educates his audience with some very hard to swallow facts. A few topics you’ll expect to find here include how technology worsens less fortunate people, how technology is not evenly distributed, and how the people at the leading edge of technology are widening the gap of financial freedom and education from those who are not equally as privileged to new technology. Much of what he says is counter intuitive to those that simply have no idea what it’s like living in a world without relatively updated technology.

Pros & Cons
  • This speech is mind altering. It is unlike any other speech I have reviewed and has probably offered me the most in terms of humanitarian value.
  • This speech includes a lot of counter intuitive thinking and will help you to consider the situations of other people, something we often forget when discussing new technology.
  • If you’re excited about new technology and all you want to hear is advancement, new functionality, and how great the next best thing is, this talk will almost certainly bring you down and trash a bit of that enthusiasm.