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Don Tapscott: How the blockchain is changing money and business Review
Don Tapscott: How the blockchain is changing money and business
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This one is for all of you cryptocurrency enthusiasts that just want to watch fiat fall to its death!

This Ted Summit speech by Don Tapscott dives into the ideology of cryptocurrencies taking over and changing how business is conducted. First and foremost, Mr. Tapscott will give a brief but detailed explanation of what the blockchain is and explain its technology. Then you be thrown into a world of crypto business practices where all currency “changes hands” via the digital world of blockchain.

Don Tapscott is the executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, which is one of the worlds leading research entities on blockchain to business related content. If you’re an avid read, you may have already consumed some of his content as he has written 16 publications.

English isn’t your primary language? No problem! This Ted talk offers 24 other languages in the form of subtitles.

Pros & Cons
  • From the basics of blockchain to the future of our economy, this Ted Talk hits a TON of information in a very wide range of topics, but seams them together, painting a picture of what we might expect the future to operate as.
  • If you’re heavily involved in crypto and economics, then you have probably already heard of Don Tapscott. He’s one of the leading experts in this field and really does offer a lot of expert level insight.
  • A little background education in economics might be needed to get the most out of this Tedtalk. It is suitable for almost anyone, but I think the people who will benefit most will be those with prior education on these topics.