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Bettina Warburg: How the blockchain will radically transform the economy Review
Bettina Warburg: How the blockchain will radically transform the economy
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Interested in a decentralized economy? Want to learn more about blockchain? Look no further, Bettina Warburg will guide you through how blockchain technology will advance our economy past levels unimagined by past leaders in technology or in finance. She will talk you through the process of kicking our governments and banking institutions out the door and inviting in a totally unknown technology; blockchain.

Learning and familiarizing yourself with blockchain technology itself isn’t enough. The technology of the future is here and with this will come many consequences, changes, advancements, and new worlds of undiscovered avenues uncovered by technology. Banking and governments are old news, lets talk about distributed decentralized systems that hold transparency and autonomy to their highest standards with Bettina!

Who is Bettina Warburg? She’s a professional blockchain research, educator, and entrepreneur whose focus is tying together politics, technology, and finance to find the intersections of advancement.

24 languages available for subtitles so there is no excuse to miss this Tedtalk!

Pros & Cons
  • You can tell she has experience in educating because you will immediately notice her stature and comfort in the delivering of this information.
  • Bettina is one of the most passionate Tedtalkers I have ever witnessed.
  • Tying together politics, finances, and technology together is something most people struggle with, but not Bettina.
  • A great little history review before dropping a plethora of futuristic ideology was riveting!
  • Not having a bit of prior education in finance, technology, and politics may render some of this information a little difficult to visualize.