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Rachel Botsman: We've stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers Review
Rachel Botsman: We've stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers
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This speech delivered on June 2016 at TedSummit by Rachel Botsman provides counter intuitive ways of considering how we trust entities on the internet. Its no doubt people have begun to question the government, banks, and other institutions on the internet, but society is changing rapidly away from following these institutions. Rachel explains how the majority of people are shifting their allegiances away from major institutions and investing more of their faith and trust into strangers, such as those found behind blockchain projects. The reason? Because we feel more capable of using technology to hold these individuals accountable.

Trust is an ever-changing industry. Establishing trust is on the top of the list for any institution, business, brand, etc. Who do you trust? Who should you trust? How do you establish trust now and how will you establish trust in the future? How can cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology change trust? These are all topics that Rachel does a great job of discussing so check this Ted talk out!

Rachel Botsman is a “Trust Researcher” and is a widely accepted expert on how digital technologies change and effect trust. She primarily focuses the effects of trust in our society’s way of life, work, banking, and behaviors in consumption.

Pros & Cons
  • Although not as technical as most blockchain related speech’s, this Tedtalk certainly provides a lot of information and a unique perspective on how trust relates to cryptocurrencies.
  • You may see trust as a different entity after watching, which may be a good thing!
  • If you’re a tech nerd wanting to hear about hardcore technology, this isn’t the talk for you. Instead, Rachel focuses on social aspects regarding blockchain technology.