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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Miner, Holder. 🚀🌑


Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Video Knowledge

Best Crypto Sites
No one claims to be knowledgeable having read one or two books, he or she must have read several books, materials and videos before concluding he or she has a knowledge of something. One of the ways to gain knowledge on cryptocurrency is by watching Crypto videos that have been designed for helpful benefits.

These videos are available to learn, for research and understand how cryptocurrencies have been operating over the last decade. There vital information in these videos and that makes them very important to the site providing them as well as users who know the worth of information it holds.
Some of the sites for crypto video knowledge in this category are supposedly focused on Bitcoin because they are very important and are the future of currency in the world. On a single site, you could find as many videos as possible in which one relates to another; all arranged for viewers to gain enough knowledge on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies generally.

There are about 14 sites in this category with crypto video knowledge and they include;
1. Silicon Valley legend on the future of Bitcoin and Blockchain
2. Coindesk Construct
3. Scaling Bitcoin Workshop
4. Bitcoin 2013 Conference: San Jose, CA
5. MIT Bitcoin Club
6. Bitcoin Events
7. Bitcoin Lectures
8. Vlogwrap
9. Texas Bitcoin Conference
10. Hodl Hodl Exchange
11. Bitcoin Explained and Made Simple
12. Breaking Bitcoin
13. MadBitcoins
14. Paralelni Polis

All these crypto video knowledges are linked to popular sites in the crypto world. For example, Bitcoin Events is a crypto video that came as a result of Blockchain Meetups, Events, Shows and Exhibitions while Coindesk Contract is as a result of News platform called Coindesk which simply is the video aspect of the platform that talks about cryptocurrencies.

However, all these video knowledges have an attribute which makes them eligible for this category on Cryptolinks, they are;

• Cryptocurrency

Knowing the type of cryptocurrency which is being documented in form of a video is very important because that is what automatically attract viewers to the site. If the video knowledge is about cryptocurrencies generally, sounds like a good choice for you but if it is about Bitcoin, only Bitcoin users will find the video impactful. For instance, Bitcoin Events, Bitcoin Lectures, Bitcoin Explained and Made Simple are the best types of Bitcoin videos to watch that will teach you a lot and impart you with knowledge.

• Recordings

The recordings are very important because that is what this category is all about. All things being said during the event, lecture or history videos are important because that is what makes the video a crypto video knowledge. Recordings must also be loud and clear and must be able give hints even without watching the video yet. The quality of video is also determined by the type of recording; hence, if a video has a bad quality, be sure whoever recorded it did so bad in recording.
A great video that imparts knowledge has a smooth, audible and clear recording.

• Subtitles

A video having subtitles is very important because it overcomes language barriers. If a video does not have subtitles, it may not fulfil the purpose why the video was created at the first instance. Subtitles should be made available in local languages like Chinese, German, French, etc. which would aid effective learning.

• Simplicity of words

One thing often considered when making videos is simplicity of words to make sure the presenter can communicate effectively to both beginners and professionals. While professionals may be familiar with a term or word, beginners may have issues learning the words being spoken by the presenter; hence, the simplicity of words is important. Words that are simple would only make things easy for even laymen.

• Reviews

Some of these videos allow viewers to drop reviews on how impactful the video was and how they would love to involve it into their daily activities. For someone who is into research on Blockchain and cryptocurrency, there are helpful data, materials that will be presented which will help support facts in the research work. The best crypto videos that impart knowledge always get positive reviews from viewers and that could enhance decision making when a new viewer is about watching one.

Summary and Conclusion

In summary, all the videos in this category have an effect on our knowledge i.e. either contributing or allows us to remove certain irrelevant things we have learnt from our head. These videos aren’t always that easy to come by and that is why this site i.e. has provided them and listed their respective pros and cons.

In conclusion, before you watch any video that imparts knowledge to you, make sure your device supports the kind of videos it will play; it is best enjoyed with a better quality.
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