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MIT Bitcoin Club Review

MIT Bitcoin Club


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MIT Bitcoin club is a channel on YouTube with quite a number of subscribers who regularly view the videos being uploaded. The channel looks like a fairly active one due to the number of uploads on the channel.


1. The number of subscribers to the MIT Bitcoin club channel are not too many

2. MIT BITCOIN club channel has a lot of video uploads

3. MIT BITCOIN club channel regularly uploads videos

4. The video titles are sure to catch the attention of potential subscribers and subscribers alike

5. Most of the videos uploaded have subtitles

6. MIT BITCOIN club channel was discovered to have been created on 17th February, 2014, and the total number of views from then till now is quite on the average

7. Also it is discovered that MIT BITCOIN club channel does not feature other channels, as a number of other YouTube channels would

Pros & Cons
  • Subscribers and viewers would find the videos very informative
  • A good number of the videos uploaded have a brief description once as the video starts
  • The video quality is very good
  • The audio quality is also very good
  • The availability of subtitles for most of the videos is a plus for MIT BITCCOIN CLUB channel owing to the fact that it would help viewers to properly grasp whatever the speaker in the video is saying
  • The number of views for each video is quite low when compared to the number of subscribers which the channel has