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Breaking Bitcoin Review

Breaking Bitcoin


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Breaking Bitcoin is a YouTube channel which has no info description about the channel, it only shows the basic channel info such as the number of subscribers which is very few, the date of creation which is 7th September, 2017, and the total number of views garnered so far which is quite impressive


1. There is a break at some points during the course of play of the videos

Pros & Cons
  • The videos have subtitle which would make it easy for viewers to properly grasp the entire words said by various speakers
  • The videos are very informative
  • The average number of views for the videos is quite high
  • The videos are very lengthy and they might certainly bore viewers and subscribers, it would have been much better if the videos were clipped into various parts which would make it easier to view at one’s convenience. In some cases, it could be watched repeatedly if the video is short
  • The number of videos on Breaking Bitcoin channel is very few, and this could be discouraging to new subscribers and even the old ones
  • The channel has no info description, and this might make viewers unaware of what the channel stands for. Hence, subscribing to the channel might be of no need to them, since there are other channels which have info description contents.
  • The channel is quite dormant as videos uploads are not regular
  • At the beginning of some of the videos, the audio is quite poor
  • The title of the videos on the channel so far, is not catchy