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Bitcoin explained and made simple Review

Bitcoin explained and made simple


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Bitcoin explained and made simple, is a YouTube video uploaded by Guardian Animations. This video was published on 25th June, 2014, and it serves as a form of clarity to those who are perplexed and confused about the concept of crypto-currency. As stated in the video’s info, the total number of minutes which the video lasts, is 3 minutes.

The video’s info assures viewers that questions such as what bitcoin actually is, where the idea stemmed from, and its impact across the globe would be answered. It would also provide responses to questions hinged on bitcoin, the future of finance and the safety of the economy with bitcoin in the picture. Below the video’s description is a link for subscribing to The Guardian


1. The video is an animation

2. The video has over a million views which is superb

3. The number of likes which the video has is encouraging

4. The video’s title is catchy

Pros & Cons
  • The video has a subtitle, and this would make viewing great. In cases where viewers are unable to pick up a word or two, the availability of the subtitle covers up for that
  • The video is very clear, and the audio quality is great
  • The video was able to completely explain the basics of bitcoin in a short period of time
  • The title of the video is enough to convey the purpose of the video to any viewer
  • The video animation is colourful and attractive
  • Viewers would be able to see the video repeatedly in quick succession, because it is short