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Paralelní Polis Review
Paralelní Polis
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The info description of Paralelni Polis channel is quite exhaustive, as it says a whole lot about the brand as a whole. It describes the brand as a “state-free think tank” and hackerspace which concentrates on topics which are related to decentralization, digital privacy and anonymity.

It also describes Paralelni Polis in Prague as a great place, where you can come in contact with freedom minded people or even get a space for rent for any of your events which could have up to 120 participants. The description further talks about some amazing features of Paralelni Polis, and wraps it up with an invitation to check out the website in order to subscribe to their events. Also, there are direct links to their Facebook and Twitter page.

The channel has quite a number of subscribers since it was created on the 15th December, 2014. So far since its creation, the channel has quite a good number of views.


1. The upload of videos is regular

2. The number of subscribers to the channel are quite okay

Pros & Cons
  • The channel is not dormant, as videos are uploaded on a regular basis
  • Some of the videos have subtitles which would enable viewers to correctly pick out the words by the speakers
  • The audio quality of the videos are good
  • The quality of the videos are quite good
  • The titles of most of the videos are not catchy, and viewers could actually be reluctant to watch them