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Hodl Hodl Exchange Review

Hodl Hodl Exchange


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The Hodl Hodl Exchange YouTube channel’s info description talks about the basis of the operation of Hodl Hodl as a P2P crypto-currency exchange. There is a link inviting viewers and subscribers to try out TESTNET bitcoins for free.

Also, there is also a link to join the Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto-currency exchange with a free registration. An invitation to a Bitcoin conference organized by Hodl Hodl, wraps up the channel’s info description.

Below the info description, are five links which lead to their social media platforms: The official website, the Twitter page, the Telegram chat, the Blog, and a link to the annual Bitcoin conference. It also shows the number of subscribers which the channel has so far, the date when the channel was created, and the total number of views.


1. The uploads of videos on the channel is quite regular

2. The channel’s info description is detailed

3. The number of subscribers available is quite few

Pros & Cons
  • The audio quality for most of the videos, is superb
  • The video quality for a good number of the videos, is great
  • The number of views for the uploaded videos is quite impressive
  • The video uploads for the 2018 Bitcoin conference would have been partitioned in order not to bore viewers and subscribers
  • On clicking on the video of the 2018 Bitcoin conference, there is a graphics design showing Hodl and other related cryptocurrency terms with no audio in the background. This is bound to leave viewers confused
  • There are no subtitles for most of the videos