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Silicon Valley legend on the future of bitcoin and blockchain Review

Silicon Valley legend on the future of bitcoin and blockchain


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The video posted on CNBC website talks about the view of Tim Draper of Draper associates and an early investor in bitcoin, as they discuss the future of bitcoin.

The video is quite an educative one, as Tim Draper bares his mind out concerning the certainties surrounding Bitcoin, and he also answered every question directed at him.

At the beginning of the video is an advertisement and at the end, there is an advise to all viewers that not all investment or strategies mentioned in the show may be suitable for them, and there is a need for them to still make their personal decision

Also, it also reads that the video should not take into account their personal investment objectives amongst other factors which might not be appropriate for them. It then ends with an advice for viewers to still seek advice from their investment adviser


1. The video has no subtitle

2. The audio quality is very commendable

3. The video quality is very good

4. The title of the video is detailed and catchy

5. The video is not lengthy, as it lasts for just 9 minutes and few seconds

Pros & Cons
  • The video is quite short, hence, viewers would certainly not be bored, and they can watch the video several times in quick succession
  • The purpose of the video is not to self-impose based on the view of the speaker, but rather, for viewers to weigh their chances and still make their personal decisions