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Bitcoin Events Review

Bitcoin Events


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Bitcoin Events channel on YouTube has quite a few number of subscribers with a number of video uploads. Going through the “About” section of the channel, Bitcoin Events gives a brief and detailed description about themselves.

New and existing subscribers would get to discover that Bitcoin Events was the organizer of the blockchain conferences which happened to be the very first in Africa, and the largest conference as well to focus on blockchain technology.

Also, it informs subscribers of when the organisation and the channel were created. In addition to this, it talks about the opportunities which abound in the crypto-currency and blockchain world.

According to the info on the channel, Bitcoin Events has organised four annual conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town since 2015, and they all turned out well.


1. The channel has few subscribers

2. Bitcoin Events channel has links to the website, Twitter and Facebook platforms, all subscribers and viewers need do, is just a click on the link

3. The channel has many uploaded videos

4. The number of views for each video is quite impressive considering the number of subscribers available

Pros & Cons
  • Bitcoin Events channel is not dormant, as videos are regularly uploaded
  • Not all the videos have subtitles except for the videos in which the speakers are non-English ones
  • The quality of the videos is very good, and the same goes for the audio quality as well
  • People who are not well versed in English might find it hard to keep up, considering the fact that there are no subtitles for the videos recorded in English