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BitCoin 2013 conference: San Jose, CA Review

BitCoin 2013 conference: San Jose, CA


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The Bitcoin 2013 conference held in San Jose, California, USA, was recorded on YouTube in a total of 29 videos with quite a number of views. The recording was courtesy of RedPillRecording. The upload of the videos on YouTube, was done by just two persons, Paul Gibbons and Athena Roberts.


1. The number of minutes for each video clip is quite on the average

2. The videos have no subtitles

3. The quality of the videos is quite low

4. The Audio quality of each video is quite audible

5. The video has a few number of views

6. Each video uploaded has a title to it

Pros & Cons
  • The entire video clips uploaded are recordings of the conference, this implies that those who missed the conference, can still have a feel of what happened
  • Viewers can still refer to the video for additional information since it is easily accessible on YouTube
  • The recording of each video was smooth
  • The videos are quite audible
  • The title of each video is enough to hint the viewer about the contents of the video
  • On the average, the title of each video is quite catchy which could attract viewers
  • The video quality is poor, hence, viewers might get discouraged from watching further
  • The videos have no subtitles, hence those who do not really understand English, might have a hard time hearing the entire words spoken during the conference