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Rusty Russell Review
Rusty Russell
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The age is advancing with lots of people getting more and more interested in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The market is getting enthusiasts, investors and traders’ day after day and the market is not even getting filled up. Even people who were tuned to other aspects of life now have their interest in joining the market. One of such individuals is Rusty Russell.

Rusty Russell is a developer of Linux kernel who somehow found himself in the Blockstream, getting interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He’s on the edge of producing a prototype and spec for bitcoin lightning. His interest is in Hodls bitcoin only. He has a channel created on medium, the online publication and news site used by individuals and organizations in getting messages across to members of the public, especially their followers.

@rusty_lightning is a platform that has been created by Rusty to intimate the general public about this innovation as well as other ideas he has. The page has got a lot of followers, with open opportunities for followers to respond to the posts on the platform. Deep inside about different cryptocurrencies are uploaded and researched works are posted. How some coins came into existence, their present status, as well as their likely future status birthed from in-depth study and analytics, are present on this page. The page is opened for all to join but people who are interested in blockchain technology will enjoy it better.

Pros & Cons
  • The platform is unique and distinct.
  • Critical analysis is done on this platform.
  • The posts on this platform are specific and not general.