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David Siegel


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Many enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders, investor, miners, and blockchain experts are getting in not the cryptocurrency marker daily and lots of them are always wanting to share their knowledge with the general public. Many of them have blogs, channels as well as websites used to share knowledge and dispense information for the good of the general public. Some of this information shared are gotten from the crypto sites while others are gotten from their opinions birthed from the place of experience. The experts’ function on different platforms, one of which is Medium.

Medium is a platform that accommodates individuals, News agencies as well as corporate organizations giving them the opportunity to post publications and news, sharing it with the general public. Many enthusiasts are present on this platform and one of the more established pens is David Siegel.

David is a man with many stars. He is a successful entrepreneur, an investor, a blockchain expert, as well as a start-up coach and the CEO of the Pillar project and 20/30.io. He has a channel on medium tagged as @pullnews. This channel is created by him so he can share his ideas and numerous innovations to the general public. On this page, followers enjoy crypto tax summary, chapters of recent books he has written on various topics as well as Blockchain report, there is also a section where important notes are highlighted. There is also a section where responses are taken and I depth discussions are done. The platform is large with over 8000 followers.

Pros & Cons
  • The platform is loaded with so many things to learn from.
  • One man’s opinion can be difficult to trust.