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One way of surviving in the digital world is getting lots of information. Lack of information can be very dangerous as one might belong to the losing side and the individual will just keep playing blindly until he loses all. The rate of expansion of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is so alarming. Any enthusiastic trader and investor should always pant after information for the sake of survival.

Information in itself is not very difficult to get since most platforms have now taken it as a major course to get into broadcasting and sharing their knowledge of the course. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other platforms have news agencies, blockchain companies, and enthusiastic and highly experienced crypto traders and analyzers on their platform giving basically information daily as regards the flow of the market. One of the social platforms that however stands out and favors more dispensing of information is Medium.

Medium is a platform of choice for many agencies who wish to broadcast their platform. This media allows for more expansion when compared to some other social media site. Cryptocurrency story online is not complete without having to mention them. We have lots of analyzers and agencies giving information daily as regards the pavement of the market. Of the numerous, one that has a specific function is Coin and Crypto.

@coinandcrypto on Medium is a platform that has attracted lots of followers and views due to its specificity in information dispensation. This platform particularly follows the market trend every week and published the best and worst cryptocurrency at the end of the week. This is useful for all cryptocurrency trader to be able to plan for the coming week. It shows graphical, as well as videos followers, can watch and engage their minds with. Responses are also appreciated.

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