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Bitfinex Medium Review

Bitfinex Medium


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Cryptocurrency and digital marketing are controlling the world's market system as many companies are being established daily and the market is getting larger and wider. There are various platforms where these companies are very active on giving enough information that is vital for its members as well as allowing their members discuss as well as suggest what needs to be done to increase and get the company on a better platform. One of the sites used for the dispensation of information is Medium.

Medium is a journalism platform that has been in existence in 2012, that has been serving the purpose of online journalism. It was established with the aim of expanding the information world greater than Twitter and it has since then been expanding yearly. Lots of channels are on this platform but more importantly, cryptocurrency companies have taken a greater place on this site and have been actively using it to give information to the members of the public and as many people are interested in trading with them. One of the companies using this platform is Bitfinex.

Bitfinex has taken a major stance on Medium, creating a channel for proper giving of information to the general public about the company. They have an official blog designed to make prompt announcements, declaring their vision, making known of their technology and improvements in it as well as other updates relating to the company and its reports. Old and latest stories can be gotten on this platform and read when needed.

Pros & Cons
  • The blog is officially from the company.
  • Prompt news and information are given.