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Vinny Lingham


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Everyone wants a share of the goodies in this age. This is why we have a lot of people building continual interest in digital marketing as well as cryptocurrency trading at this time. This is the future of the world’s trading system and most individuals, companies as well as firms have exposed their minds to it early enough, getting so interested in the art of the business. Enthusiasts and investors grow daily from different faces of the universe each with their opinion on how the market had been and how it would look like. These people make use of social media platforms to discuss with the general members of the public about their experiences as well as their predictions, birthed from the place of in-depth study and experiences gained.

The best of the social media platforms that have gotten lots of individuals sharing these thoughts about crypto and blockchain market these days is medium. This platform allows enthusiasts to express themselves, so many of them choose this niche over many other platforms. Aside from its preference in publishing, it’s broadened scope also encourages enthusiasts to join this platform. One of these enthusiasts is Vinny Lingham.

Vinny is a South African born crypto enthusiast who lives in California. He is the CEO and Co-founder of civic.com. He has one of the largest followed profile on Medium @vinnylingham with over 16,000 followers. He is a good predictor who enjoys posting critical coin analysis as well as predictions about their future. Members get to enjoy lots of posts in a day which enriches their mind and opens them up to a lot of options in the market.

Pros & Cons
  • He is an enthusiastic analyzer and a good predictor.