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Vitalik Buterin Review

Vitalik Buterin


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Everyone is getting involved in digital marketing. People are making it big on this platform already and many people are turning in interested each day. Investors and traders are always looking for a way to consistently grow as well as share knowledge about digital marketing and cryptocurrency. Sites and blogs having basic interactions and information regarding digital marketing as well as cryptocurrency news and discussions are pretty numerous and this keeps increasing day after day. Individuals, organizations and companies have platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord and other social platforms where issues relating to crypto and digital marketing are discussed to the end that the world is kept informed and no one loses out. One of the numerous platforms where the discussion is particularly encouraged is Medium.

Medium is a platform where news agencies and people can register on to uploads publications and reports to the general public informed of any matter. Issues regarding cryptocurrency are becoming major topics of discussion on this platform too. Crypto and digital marketing enthusiasts, traders, investors, and miners now have channels on this platform where they daily upload pieces of stuff about the market and keep everyone informed appropriately. One of such channels is @VitalikButerin.

This is a very large platform with over 32,000 followers. This platform contains rich information relating to not just digital marketing or cryptocurrency but also issues relating to politics and economy are being discussed at all times. Responses and reactions can be given by followers to whatever is being posted and members are notified once there is any news or update on the channel. The blockchain world is also grossly discussed.

Pros & Cons
  • The platform is large with a lot of information
  • It is owned by an individual whose opinion is dependent on his thoughts.