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Bitstamp Blog Medium Review

Bitstamp Blog Medium


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The world is going digital and companies are getting ready for this change in this tide. Cryptocurrency is becoming the order of the day. Companies involved in cryptocurrency are daily increasing and expanding on all platforms. Traders, investors, miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are also getting more and more increased on various platforms. As vital information is consistently needed in order to stay up and remain relevant in this market, crypto traders are always all out in search of enough information to keep them going and making them know what the market is speaking at that particular time. Crypto companies have also joined platforms and developed channels that can help as many as are in search of knowledge, making it easy for them to get it all on a platform. One of such companies is Bitstamp.

Bitstamp is a top-rated crypto company designed to partake and give basic information in all that concerns various types of coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ether as well as Bitcoin Cash. This company has got lots of channels on various platforms where followers can come together to discuss and learn more about these currencies and the latest happenings in the market as well as possible projections. One of the platforms joined by this company for the purpose of information disbursement is Medium.

Bistamp-blog is a channel that has been created on Medium designed to give a detailed report of the various coins mentioned above as well as keep the general public abreast about the market’s trends and reports. This channel provided basic information for its followers which are promptly uploaded. It also uploads weekly crypto technical analysis as well as the trends shown by the various coins. Reports and information can be liked as well as shared by its followers to other members of the company.

Pros & Cons
  • Prompt information delivery.