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Jameson Lopp Presentations Review
Jameson Lopp Presentations
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This is a site that deals mainly with Cryptocurrencies either on bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. The site is presented inform of a presentation where viewers can get access to insightful videos that would be of help in the field of Cryptocurrencies. This site cuts across and helps touch every aspect of Crypto such that no aspect is left out and every Crypto person can gain one or two things.

On this site, you can also get access to watch videos of important world class seminars we should have attended but missed. It helps bring useful information in form of videos such as Constructing Crypto Castles, The Challenges of Non-Custodian Wallet Engineering and so on, close to us simply by using a mobile device at one’s convenience.

This site also makes available some other features and resources for viewers or readers to have a wide range of subjects on bitcoin that they can indulge and gain maximum knowledge. These things include Guides on Bitcoin, papers on bitcoin, tutorial videos on how bitcoin works, bitcoin for beginners, the story behind bitcoin and so on.

On this site, you can get access to links and other websites where you can gain more about Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, CoinJournal and so on. There are also links to discussion forums, statistics on bitcoin, transaction fee estimates and lots more.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy access to useful information without stress or paying.
  • Well detailed and organized.
  • It contains a lot of information that one can gain from cheaply.
  • It deals with bitcoin only.
  • There is no means to comment on the videos or articles.