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Grokking Bitcoin Review
Grokking Bitcoin
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People always think it is only the geeks that cryptocurrency is meant for but it is not true, it is meant for anybody. I mean anybody that is willing to learn and determined can learn about bitcoin and be successful at it. This site can make you realize that bitcoin is not all that complex and there are so many aspects of it one can indulge in. This site is well detailed and organized in such a way that would ease understanding. It is organized into table of contents starting with foreword and then introduction to bitcoin, cryptographic hash functions and so on, ending with bitcoin updates.

This is a site where a novice or something who is just starting can learn all or almost all he/she needs to be Bitcoiner. On this site, you can get learn how to send and receive bitcoin payments, operate bitcoin transactions, learn about blockchain and what it entails, also bitcoin mining and so on.

On this site, you can also buy e-books that would be of use to individuals in the field stating the prices and how to get it maybe by shipping. You can also get some e-books with free shipping. It also gives viewers opportunity download e-books for free. This site has prepared series of FAQs for better understanding.

Pros & Cons
  • It brings knowledge closer which you can access to without any stress.
  • Easy to reach.
  • It provides frequently asked questions.
  • One can subscribe to their newsletter.