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Bitcoin's Academic Pedigree Review
Bitcoin's Academic Pedigree
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According to scientist and great researchers, there is nothing impossible you just have to have the right information, drive and expertise. It important to know that cryptocurrencies came into the limelight due to a lot of researches on digital cash and it didn’t become a success immediately. This site deals with the academic lineage of bitcoin in that creation of bitcoin occurred as a result of vigorous and numerous studies and research on the aspect of digital cash. On this site, the content is organized in form of articles. It also provides a lot of useful information that I bet you didn’t know before and also descriptions for easily understanding in form of charts, pictograms or charts such as Chronology of key ideas found in bitcoin, the ledger data structure in linked timestamping, guardtime merkle root published in newspaper and lots more.

You also get to learn a lot of things about the ledger, what it is and how it works; it also provides information on linked timestamping, what it entails and many other stuffs on the site. This site makes references on the article available in case you want to seek more knowledge on the subject. You can also download the articles on this site in form of pdfs.

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  • It gives viewers opportunity to comment on the article and voice out their opportunities.
  • One can also share the article on this site.
  • It gives room to easy accessibility to a lot of useful information.
  • No FAQs
  • No room for trading, only for informational and educational purposes.