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A peek under Bitcoin's hood Review
A peek under Bitcoin's hood
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People who indulge in bitcoin who have discovered the hidden benefits, how it works, the tricks to a successful trade and its usefulness can lecture us on how to go about it. There is nothing people cannot criticize most especially when it is new and it deals with money. Criticism have been made about bitcoin on whether it benefits or not. This is a site whose content gives you insights on bitcoin and the world around it. It lectures on stuffs about bitcoin, what must be done in order or before one indulges in anything bitcoin describing and illustrating with pictures, screenshot, charts and links related to the topic or an instructional video for better understanding.

This site is more or less like an informational and educative site mainly on bitcoin and it environs. On this site you get to learn how to run some codes with screenshot and pictures on how to run it. It also provides information on how to connect to a p2p network, bootstrapping and so on.

On this site, one can get information on bitcoin transactions and how to go about it using illustrations and pictures with several codes and numbers.

Pros & Cons
  • It gives room for comments and get replies immediately.
  • Easily accessible by just using a mobile device.
  • It can be shared on social media in case you have someone who it might help.
  • A novice in the field might not understand.
  • It talks about only bitcoin.